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    I had the container made in 2013, it's all black other than that logo on it. Great condition other than a couple of dirt spots shown in the photo. It was made for male 5'10" 170lbs and has about 600 jumps, 100% freefly friendly. The Sabre2 is black with red/green/white stripes and has around 1000 jumps. I do believe the Sabre2 needs a new set of lines. I haven't jumped in around a year since my wife got pregnant, now that we have our child I'm selling both my rig and hers. I want to get rid of both quickly, these are priced to sell. I'm in South Lake Tahoe, CA.


    South Lake Tahoe

  2. Is there somewhere we can order the sky balls used in freefall that are filled with lead pellets and empty at a certain altitude if not caught? I've seen them around and checked with online stores but haven't had any luck actually finding them.
  3. I coincidentally need both a GPS and a new altimeter at this time and saw the Suunto X10 GPS / Alti watch... I've never used a watch altimeter before and I was hoping to get some feedback about how effective it is as an alti and GPS and how comfortable / reliable / durable it is. Thanks in advance!
  4. Based on the advice I got on this thread and elsewhere, i cancelled my personal Kaiser health insurance plan and now only have my Blue Shield plan provided by my employer. I've been looking online for gap health insurance providers and haven't yet found any - is there a specific provider someone could recommend? Also, is there a specific type of gap coverage I should look for?
  5. I've been paying out-of-pocket for Kaiser coverage for years, and I've also had Blue Shield coverage provided by my employer. Does it make sense to do this? I figured if something goes wrong (with skydiving or other activities) and I'll have large medical bills to cover, two health insurance policies could help protect me financially better than one. Do I have the right approach to this? Could there be some restrictions with one of the policies preventing me from taking advantage of both?
  6. Got it - I just ordered a ContourROAM which at $199 seems like a good deal and wouldn't be too much of a loss in case of a riser strike.
  7. Does anyone have any feedback on using a ContourHD camera sidemounted on a G2 helmet? Does the helmet appear in the picture? Are riser strikes common?
  8. contract


    I just jumped my new Infinity after I ordered it 8 weeks ago (I cut down on production time by paying an additional fee). I worked with Tony from Velocity Sports and he was incredibly helpful throughout the process. He worked closely with me and had my custom embroidery printed twice to ensure that it was done right and the colors were appropriate (he even ordered a specific colored spool of thread they didn't usually carry). When the rig arrived the embroidery wasn't centered the way I needed it so Velocity took it back (paid for the return shipping), fixed the logo, and had the container back to me within a week. Tony was very understanding and made sure everything was just as I needed. The rig itself is clean and very aesthetically pleasing, the custom embroidery came out amazing, and it's much more comfortable than my last container (especially with the extra wide leg straps). The black steel is a nice touch too and I'm just generally very happy with my purchase. Thank you so much Velocity for providing the quality products and service that you do.