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  1. Unfortunately, here in Italy is very difficult obtain a demo canopy, expecially in CF version. I'm seeing many people buying Storms, and therefore probably could be the best choice for years to come. I've NEVER jumped ellliptical, i've NEVER performed fast landings, i've always put my canopy in the wind in safe altitude, and i'm a little...scaried of modern little surfaces. When I was in competiton in 4way rotation, my team used Pursuits and then Comet 228 with shortened lines..., and we often experimented hard landings, but with no big problems. I'm 82 Kg and my teammate 60 kg. with good individual skills... Any suggestion about a REASONABLE wing load ?
  2. If i remember well, a good wing load for Lightning is 1,347. Do you know what is the best wing load for the Storm ? I think we'll buy Lightning and Storm too...
  3. But...What is the reason why PD is producing a second CRW canopy, when the Lightning is so good and '' popular '' between crw dogs ? Only to create ....panic
  4. What do you suggest to buy NOW for 2 way sequential and some large formation ? Lightning, Storm or what else ??
  5. Someone may suggest some '' smart '' equipment to get a little warm doing crw in the winter ? ...I begin to '' feel '' the age...
  6. Hi to all crw enthusiasts ! I'm an italian old crw dog 49 years old. I've jumped seriously in 4 way Rotation event . In Italy we've experimented a long lack of crew from the National Championships, but this year is scheduled 2 way sequential and many of us '' olders ''want to be there. The only canopy available is the old Pursuit and we are a couple as this: 1) 95 kg. on exit with Pursuit 230 2) 72 Kg. on exit with Pursuit 215 Anyone could give me some....'' coaching '' on line ?