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  1. Back to the bag :) Thanks! Im heading from Australia to the US next week and been searching around for a decent carry on bag for my rig. Looks like there is a supplier 15Mins away..Will go check it out after work. Thanks again!.
  2. I had the same issue when I ordered mine back in April. Took me an age to decide. Everyone I spoke with at the DZ said go small. Every time I asked why they just said it looks better and everyone has them. After reading for hours online and on dropzone I went with the large rings.. I couldn't find one decent supporting argument for using mini's over the large other than looks. I figured If its just looks and the larger rings have an increased mechanical advantage why not give myself the best chances I have up there if I can. :) Plus im not a small dude but by no means the biggest. Im happy with the choice however almost every weekend I get someone asking me why I have large rings and why I didn't get mini..Some people give me weird looks when I say I wanted them large...Even the odd experienced instructor. Screw looking good for others, I think they are cool :D, Plus im already jumping out of a plane and thats cool enough for me
  3. Awesome customer service. +1 I purchased a new G3 and it arrived a few days before a state meet. I ordered the same size as my Ozone but unfortunately it didn't fit and needed a size larger. I was really keen to have it before the competitions so emailed Cookie... I was surprised! Received a phone call the same day, discussed the issue and they got another out the next day on an overnight service to the doorstep. Perfect timing as I was on my way to the DZ when it arrived. They were even out of stock and made it for me that day. :) Very happy with the service and even more happy with the Helmet. Fits good, Looks good and does it's job. Thanks!