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  1. so what , let them test it. Soon everybody will have them. i find it ridiculos that countries with thousands of them pointed at other countries ( with somebody like Bush in charge ) tell those same countries .. In the name of peace and good livin you cant have them.
  2. Hi Woppit, The three dropzones in Madrid , ourselves 64 Km south of madrid , Lillo ( our competitor in the domestic side of things whom you have reviewed on this site ) 105KM south and Villa de don Fredrique 145Km south.. have had restrictions over the last 2 days. This coincides with the introduction of a new ATC sytem in Madrid last Saturday morning. We have met with ATC and were told that we should not expect this disruption to be a permanent feature. The new airways brought in with the opening of second runway actually favour us as they increase our top altitude by some 6000feet with most traffic moving to the north . The reason for the stop is primarily that as the controllers adjust to the new technology they are avoiding the seven skydiving aircraft in the region making their job more " difficult " . Seems a bit blanket to me , but its their right to do such things ona whim. I recall other dropzones around the country sending us their entire operation for weeks when the same thing happened them.. Over the weekend when the disruption arrived we offered our clients compensation. Today Im pleased to report the controllers having had two days of the new system have cleared us full time to altitude. This morning [ Monday 2nd Oct ] we are on load 8 at appx 1:15 local time and expect to make 25 for the day. Obvisouly were this to become a feature we would accelerate our plans to open our second dropzone. Thankfully it doesnt seem that way , nor has it been that way with so far 300+ AFF graduates in Ocana so far this year. Should any of our clients have any questions in regards to their trip please dont hesitate to contact us. David FFU Client Care
  3. the sigma 15mm ex is a fab lens imho.
  4. the sigma 15mm ex is great on a 1.6 body
  5. Ok cool. its ISO 100, the XT isnt noisy at 400 ISO , give it a shot at that. The F6.3 is really working against focus giving you a small focal plane.
  6. i dont have an exif viewer so cant see what the ISO that your shooting at is. 18mm on that body is 28mm. This leads to a less than ideal depth of field. While to freeze things like jump suits etc 500th of a second is better i dont think its contributed in this case to a poor focus due to motion blur ( assuming you were holding your head reasonably still ). If you are not familiar with depth of field , google it and read up on it. If you can bump the ISO a bit id do so, shoot on TV priority ( 320 to 500 ) and you will get a better apperture per increase in ISO. Then its down to learning to prefocus for a a good DOF on the ground. Incidentally id look at the light metering mode your using. It looks like your taking a reading from the widest spread possible. Try shooting in centre weighted.
  7. i would wager that every aspiring camera person has made your mistake. Its how you learn from the experience that determine what type of camera flyer you are / will be. i have about 1000 camera dives and have hit formations once or twice , especially in the early days. The biggest thing i would suggest is to know what trouble feels like in your fingers ( closest to the burble ) and have an emergency plan ( stick your legs up your ass and hands out in front ) and at that point screw keeping them in frame ( get out of there and live to tell the tale without an ego telling you that your not safe. The guy who told you were not safe didnt imho appreciate your learning and imho was a little harsh. The fact that you feel offended with his comments is in my view has you on the right road. People like this will pressure you to be close and then bollick you for getting too close. Get as close as you are happy with and if there are comments about where you should be listen , learn but dont feel pressure to have to be there. People having new video guys on their dives have to appreciate they aint getting airspeed style video and thats that. As for where to go , i have mixed feelings on moving down to smaller formations . They are a smaller " target " to hit but i think move around faster than something big. So they might be good chasing practice especially if new. One thing id suggest is to have as a reference point in the formation the rig of the jumper closest and ALMOST underneath you. I focus my attention more on that rig than the centre of the formation. The thing is to move relative to that rig. All that being said , its only my experience which is not huge as its spread out over 5 years. David
  9. The elimination of its enemies is one thing. The report also said that the misguided foreign policy of the US and UK was just as much to blame. Egging Israel on wasnt a good move. It leaves them as the winner as in the eyes of joe blogs over there they are standing up to the " agressor " ?
  10. Experience is that these munitions end up killing more civilians than soldiers long term. Their use is also against the law in civilian areas , even smaller villages. But like resoloutions demanding the end of Israels occupation, there will be no big drama from Israels Allie about the law being neatly ignored.
  11. Yeah fairly simple one the guy whos been invaded might not be likely to agree with what you said. He might fancy his chances of getting it back and certainly might be encouraged to try. Take it easy.
  12. In the words of Jimmy Carter " thats unfortunatley not how the world works ".
  13. No the IDF is doing its best from altitude and its not working , never would have worked. The IDF knows that it will get its ass kicked in a war of attrition if it goes as far as the Litani never mind Beiruit. So i dont think so. Not Land dispute, land occupation. Opression of palestinians , lack of respect for their neighbours , shooting civilians randomly on their borders. ( As opposed to catching civilains in the cross fire ). Allowing proper food supplies into the Gaza strip. Take a look around here It might be alternative for you , but it wont kill you.
  14. No, i just respect that there are two sides to the story. Im not a muslim and im not a radical . The problem is never fixed trying to cut the branches but by taking up the roots. I am in favour of trying to address the core issues. Just because I say that there must be something ammiss if a guy is convinced / driven to do himself. I dont believe that this is just "religion"..thats historically been a cover for voilence and a larger " issue ".
  15. What if the war were an equal one and both sides equally armed. People in the Gaza strip, I can imagine use the only thing they have. I reckon you have to believe in what your doing a lot more to die for it than click a little switch from 15K.. not condoning it , just pointing out the obvious. How many of those newsfeeds told you Iraq had WMD ?