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  1. Hey thanks! The website's back up and I got my #!
  2. I see someone's old sabre 1 in your future ... maybe a new line set too.
  3. "if your girlfriend can close it it's too loose" LMAO! classic
  4. Watch the last skydiving scene in 'Point Break.' PLF like Keanu and you'll be fine.
  5. Go take a static line course ... if you pull ... you PASS! (walking away from the jump may be another requirement depending on the DZ)
  6. Personally, I never had trouble spinning(was a swimmer myself) but my instructors told me to 'click' my heels together if I ever started to spin. That should reset your body position AFTER you click your heels. Then just arch deeply (not HARD) and you should be good to go.