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  1. Thank you for your comments - sorry, this got typed up wrong - we meant the horizontal stablizer on our aircraft is far back and high above the door so there is no chance of a skydiver ever coming into contact with it however they choose to exit.
  2. Thanks for your input - and for questioning the seemingly contradictory capacity! OK, the AUXX10 will have room for 20 jumpers WITHOUT seats - our first configuration is the no-seats version as skydivers don't need seats :). When the AUXX10 is configured with passenger seating it will have 10 passenger seats.
  3. Dear skydivers, aircraft operators and DZ owners, We are an Australian company working on a new aircraft with the primary mission for skydiving. Our project is now well advanced and we would like more input from you, the skydiving community, please. The aircraft we are designing and certifying will be a ten-seat, production aircraft, made in Australia. The first model of the aircraft will be configured for skydiving and will be fitted with 2 crew seats. Later models with 2 crew seats and 8 PAX seats will follow quickly. Our aircraft will have an 800SHP turbine engine and carry up to 20 jumpers. Calculated operating cost show break-even point to be 7 jumpers per load. As a skydiver and aircraft operator myself, I believe our aircraft has already got many design features delivering significant benefits to skydivers - not least of which is improved skydiver safety. However, before the design draft is finalised, we would very much like your input. Could you please let us know what you think a great skydiving aircraft should have? (Sorry, it will not have a tail ramp) Engine (Type, model, power/size) Aircraft size (seats/jumpers) Performance Pay load Door size Door position Horizontal stabilisor position Undercarriage (height off ground) Wing Position Maintenance (any issues which you are currently having to address eg corrosion, constant engine overhaul and would like a solution to) Affordability (we estimate the aircraft sales price, including a turbine engine costing around $500+k - sorry, there are no cheap turbine engines - will be approx $1.3 million). Please don’t limit your feedback or ideas to the questions above - ANY idea or information is very valuable to us. Thank you for your input. If you would like any more information about our aircraft or its development progress please do not hesitate to contact us. Blue skies, Tibor Glesk / Air Ute Pty Ltd/ Sunshine Coast m: 0408 915 415 e: [email protected] The following is further information on the AUXX10 design at present: The AUXX10 designed to meet the Needs of The Skydiving Industry § Single turboprop engine means reliability and operational economy § Standard inclusion of the largest skydiving door in the world (2mx1.8m) to provide safer exits for all skydivers (student, tandem, sport) § Standard inclusion of probably the most important safety feature in a skydiving aircraft - an internal horizontal stabiliser positioned high above the top of the door for the skydiver to brace themself on before exiting so neither the skydiver or their gear comes into contact with this stabiliser § The most spacious cabin in civilian skydiving aircraft for skydiver safety gives plenty of room for easy gearing-up prior to jump and to check and cross-check equipment. § Low undercarriage, 85cm off the ground means fast, easy boarding for skydivers without the need for detachable stairs/steps. § Powerful (800HP) modern turboprop engine delivers the fastest climb rate of 2364fpm, which in-turn means the quickest load time^ with 20 skydivers on board thus increasing operator profitability § Air Ute Pty Ltd have approached two of the world's leading turbine engine manufacturers with regard to being the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for the AUXX10. Both companies have responded keenly. We are currently in final negotiations and will make a decision with regards to the OEM. § Simple systems, composite construction, modern turboprop engine means fast, money-saving maintenance with less downtime delivering increased profits. All aircraft have a service schedule and all components must be regularly inspected, checked and replaced - the AUXX10’s uncomplicated design makes maintenance far easier, because the fuselage is more durable and therefore maintenance costs less.