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  1. I got my 228 spirit from Dick Giarrusso in 1981. it had a built in rite turn, but I jumped it for years even some objects. It never let me down Kelly
  2. Hello mick long time. (Kelly Grebb here) That shirt was on the scene when I showed up to Perris 1980 if it wasn't tc's There was another dude first name was Guy He did stuff like the 10 way in out which I loved. I started out working a little with tc. & then Gary Cobb & I did a bunch of stuff all through the 80's till he went down under. I have been recently digging up some vintage T-shirt art you guys will get a kick out of. Great Black Death Shirts I'm gonna get some stuff posted real soon. I have Bad Spot Bill, Sport Lamort, Wizzard design & some others you guys will Love Kelly Grebb Kelly