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  1. thanks for the reply guys what about when the same canopy size is used with different wingloadings e.g one with lead, one without? would the canopy behave the same in turns? e.g a tandem master takes 1 customer that weighs 60 kg, he then takes a customer that weighs 100 kg, both jumps were under the same canopy in no wind, will the landing pattern be exactly the same to hit the center of the target? (I understand drag of a big customer compared to a small customer will make a very slight difference)
  2. Hello, just wondering if either the glide ratio or forward/ground speed (in no wind) of a canopy changes if the wingloading is the same but the canopy size is different e.g -if a safire 170 has a speed of 15 knots and glide ratio of 2.9 when loaded at 1.2, would a safire 120 also have a speed of 15 knots and a glide ratio of 2.9 if it is loaded at 1.2? thanks for any feedback