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  1. I am from Europe, and English is not my native language, I'm sorry. Our students have 20 minutes of windtunnel time, and use a HDP to open their canopy. Their second AFF jump is with one JM. Thanks for the replies so far. An extra signal for arching and getting their attention is definitely going to be used. Another thing that I'll keep in mind is using my head and arms to leverage.
  2. Last week we ran an AFF course for new guys, and I had a situation I never encountered before, and I need some advice. It was a level 2, so basically jump number one with just one jumpmaster. After exit the guy was turning towards me, and normally I don't have any problem with that, but now I couldn't stop the turn, which of course bothers me. It wasn't a spin, but more a firm turn. He was flat, but I couldn't give him proper signs to adjust his bodyposture. So stretching my own legs try to stop him, didn't work out. I've tried to push his arm upwards to countersteer with his own arm(-s), but that didn't help either. I stayed in position until he pulled his handdeploy, and he landed safely. Do you have a word of advice to solve the issue? Looking forward to your answer.
  3. Hi guys, I'm a happy owner of the New Tonfly 3x plus camera helmet But I have issues with my current goggles (flex vision flex goggle), due to the elastic of the goggle my head hurts when wearing my helmet. Also the goggle jumps into my eyes when wearing him temporarely on the fore end of the helmet. So I need some advice on the right eyeprotection for this helmet. Looking forward to your answer.
  4. Hi guys, My first post here, I've tried to search THE forum, but couldn't find an answer. I need some advice on which camera to purchase? Currently my choices are between the Sony CX150 and the TG7. All advice is welcome!! All THE best!