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  1. Am kinda curious too saying as I'm one who took it. For whatever unknown reason this picture has shown up a few times on the web (including an online magazine article, and an Australian news article article). It really is just a curiosity thing for me, would like to know where they got this picture from. Fuzzy Ambition / Ability: Know the difference.
  2. Went there for the 2012 20-way, 40-way weekends, and the (Sucessful) Mission 100 Event. Each time left me driving away with a smile on my face and fun & good quality skydives in my log book. These people know how to organize and run events, even more importantly they know how to coach and teach, from first jumps, to competitive 4-way, to Big Ways. It's also nice and close to the Montreal Wind Tunnel. This really is a fun place to jump and learn. I would and DO reccomend them to my friends and Family.
  3. Awesome... Thanks for the info Let the searching begin Fuzzy Ambition / Ability: Know the difference.
  4. Am needing to buy a Sony PAL camera and want to make sure to look for / get the right thing. Is there a difference in the numbering of the two systems, i.e. do I look for a CX100 /110/150 and just look for PAL versus NTSC? Fuzzy Ambition / Ability: Know the difference.
  5. Sean LaRose grabbed this one during the 2011 Canadian Nationals Fuzzy Ambition / Ability: Know the difference.
  6. The R1900 & R2880 are looking real interesting. Looks like a switch to Epson is in the works..... Going to have to read up more on the continuous ink system, had never heard of that before now. Thanks guys Fuzzy Ambition / Ability: Know the difference.
  7. Well I'm in the market for a new photo printer and just wondering what people are using these days. Have always been a Canon fan, right now current printer is an i9900 but it's showing it's age. Am willing to look at Epson or other brands as well, like to keep the options open. Whatever I go with it needs to be able to handle 13" x 19", and I like to print B&W as well. Any thoughts? Fuzzy Ambition / Ability: Know the difference.
  8. Skydive Gan will take people over 220 The 220 mark is kind of a "pretty much anyone up to..", above that it's instructor and DZO's discretion. Best thing to do is contact Tom McCarthy DZO and talk to him directly. Phone 613-382-5114, email [email protected]. This time of year it'll probably be voice mail because he's closed for the season opening again first of April, but he'll be checking msgs. For tandems they use a U-206 (cargo door) which makes it easier for exit, long weekends there is usually an Otter there. Besides all that it's a pretty dz, 1000 Islands, & Rideau Canal for backdrop... Fuzzy Ambition / Ability: Know the difference.
  9. They did everything right AFIK, and did re-boot. I haven't tried a Canon raw file on my wife's computer, but as mentioned originally after adding the latest plugin, her Nikon raw thumbnails from the D90 can be viewed in the Windows preview and in Elements7. One thing I forgot to put in the other post is that the person with the problem is using Elements 6 & has a Canon XTI, so theirs is not an apples to apples comparison to the wife's. From reading the other posts here and other web stuff, it sounds as though it is a combination of Vista vs Canon vs Elements Version. They have also tried some other downloads with no luck. Thanks Fuzzy Ambition / Ability: Know the difference.
  10. Trying to help someone who is not able to view their Canon raw images (thumbnails) in Vista. Hoping someone here can shed some light. He has downloaded and installed the recent plugin from the Adobe site that says it should fix the problem but still nothing. I'm using a Mac so can't help there, and my wife's computer has XP, her D90 raw images/thumbs can be viewed with no problems. Any thoughts? Fuzzy Ambition / Ability: Know the difference.
  11. Finally got a couple where someone was looking at me
  12. I just emailed Tom McCarthy (owner of Skydive Gananoque and going strong), he's 2nd row / 2nd from the right or so his memory tells him. He says he hasn't seen the original picture in years. Tom was at Orange from 67 thru 69 (instructor 67, Asst Manager 68, and Manager in 69) He quite often regales us with stories starting with "I remember back in Orange". Some of us like to beat him to the punch with that saying now.... Fuzzy Ambition / Ability: Know the difference.
  13. Not familiar at all with on line storage but it sounds interesting. Are there any, or what are the security issues that would need to be considered? I understand that there really is no 100% guarantee, but if a professional photographer stored their originals in a fashion such as this what are the chances of someone else gaining access to them. Fuzzy Ambition / Ability: Know the difference.
  14. Hey Al In reference to Recovery software is pretty cool – managed to recover the pictures of a certain jumper’s wife’s tandem (your's in case you were wondering
  15. You really would have to be having a super crappy day to lose two + hard drives at the same time, especially if they are in different locations. One advantage to using external drives is when copying everything it's faster than when having to access and copy multiple discs. Long term in the digital world is much different from that of the traditional archiving of old prints and negatives where the originals cannot be replaced. With digital media it’s fast, easy, and relatively inexpensive to make exact true copies, but it really is important to keep multiple copies, and know how to find them.... Thanks Fuzzy Ambition / Ability: Know the difference.