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  1. Fuzzy

    Parachutisme Nouvel Air

    Went there for the 2012 20-way, 40-way weekends, and the (Sucessful) Mission 100 Event. Each time left me driving away with a smile on my face and fun & good quality skydives in my log book. These people know how to organize and run events, even more importantly they know how to coach and teach, from first jumps, to competitive 4-way, to Big Ways. It's also nice and close to the Montreal Wind Tunnel. This really is a fun place to jump and learn. I would and DO reccomend them to my friends and Family.
  2. Fuzzy


    Are you talking about mass producing via a printing company, or just home printing? We're doing it oursleves, pre-printing up a bunch (like 50+ at at time) of inserts on a photo printer & regular paper, then putting them into the jewel cases, so when the time comes, it's just a matter of plopping the DVD in the case and it's done. The DVD's themselves are blank / no label. This way they look good, and don't cost much to do, more just the time of cutting to size. We don't do the volume of the big centres, so this system seems to work fine for us. I have played with the idea of using proper DVD boxes, but the cost of them is still a little high to warrant it as a regular thing (& they come from my company's warehouse). I will use them for "special" tandems like a relative etc.
  3. Fuzzy

    Camera Suit

    I have made 1200+ jumps on my suit and it's still going strong. What I like best is the bottom wing attachment point being on the inside of the leg, making it extremely effective. Even with an exit weight varying from 220 to 230lbs, there is yet to be a tandem, student, or formation too slow or fast to follow. I like to video from below and at a steep angle, this has never been a problem with this suit. The wings are easy to release on opening, with just a quick snap & no velcro to peel. I also feel this design "reduces" although does not eliminate the chance of the wing covering the hackey on my b.o.c. on deployment as it's further forward on the body. Once the velcro adjusting straps on the bottom of the wings were adjusted to my likeing, I had to sew them permanently together, as they would come undone in freefall. This was definitely a problem at first, however this style of adjustment allows you to get the wing exactly as you want them. I have purchased 3 suits (Camera / RW / & 3 piece FreeFly)from Bev, the service has always been excellent, fast and friendly, with a perfect fit and good quality everytime.