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  1. Rivello


    I bought this Item a few years ago, after 6 months it stopped showing the time when i was on the ground and on the way to altitude, it wasn't working, i would have to hit the middle button when we took off for it to work but altitude was never correct. I sent it back to Para-sport to fix which they did but again im in the usa and they are in Italy, took 2 months to send and receive the item back b/c of customs and mail to Italy, Customer service was good and they provided me with a wrist strap at my request, which was nice. 6 months later i was at altitude and the altimeter stopped working and turned off, 2nd time it happened. the battery should last 2 years due to low energy saver but i dont beleive it was the battery. I contacted Para-sport and they asked me to send it back, i haven't sent it back b/c i want to jump with it again to see if a new battery will correct the issue,if not i'm asking for my money back. i wouldn't recommend this item due to my issues but it could have been just with my unit.
  2. Rivello

    Skydive Delmarva

    Was headed to the beach for the weekend and decided to stop and try Skydive Delmarva, only visited a few DZ other then my Home DZ and I felt right at home. Its in the middle of Farm country and the landing area is Big, the Staff was super friendly, offered me cookies and since I was gonna do a solo b/c I was alone but an instructor said "Were not gonna make u do a solo " and we did a nice 2way sit wit some hand a foot docks. ended up with a nasty hard opening and alot of lines twist but plenty of airspace and not to much canopy traffic. Overall Great place for fun jumpers. I hear the weekends are busy, I went on a thurs (During the week they have a few loads a day depending on tandems) but they have a calendar on their site so you can check to see when they'll be open which was GREAT. Blue skies