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  1. If there are any christians on the board that are planning on being taken to heaven, can I have one of your rigs? Sure, I'll be out looting REI and catholic churches like a madman, but neither of those places sell skydiving gear. You won't need it anymore where you're going, and I'm not going anywhere, so.....
  2. the act of wearing it whilst skydiving There's no mandate for a "SKYDIVING" helmet lol, good to know. I think I'll stick to buying $40 - 60 helmets in that case.
  3. Do you think you would have been just as safe with, say, a $50 helmet that wasn't skydiving-specific? Not sure what really makes a "skydiving" helmet any different that other helmets. The one I use for skateboarding is not regulated by the "powers that be" (I am not sure who regulates them), and has to be labeled as a "hard hat" instead. The helmets I use for snowboarding have definitely saved my skull when crashing down on a rock and several trees, but I'm wondering if it would have made a difference if it were a door on an aircraft. Anyone know what makes a skydiving helmet, a skydiving helmet?
  4. If I take bong hits right at 5:55pm, and it takes 5 minutes to really kick in strong, will I be perma-stoned in heaven? I'm gonna go driving down a busy freeway also, to make sure I take a few people with me when I go.
  5. "I'm sweating like a whore in church." (when it's hot out) "more fun than gang rape" (fun experiences) "so horny I'd fuck a week-old dumpster baby" (looking for a trick) "I'd eat the corn out of his shit" (hot guy) "I'll rip your head off and shit down your neck" --My mom used to say that one growing up. It stuck.
  6. Nope, you have to create a new one. It was frustrating having to start over with awful guns at the beginning, but just kill someone and use their gun to level up quickly.
  7. I have an account called FluffyBunnyTails (or similar, been a while since I've played on it) that is used solely to piss off the kids on Black Ops. My scope has a pink heart for the reticle, and my call sign is nice and pink-heart-pretty. It's fun making people think they just got owned by a little girl.
  8. BS. If it's on American television, it has to be true. Besides, I can't really take your country seriously. Most of the animals / insects there could eat me, and I'm terrified of the drop bears.
  9. Budgie jumping..... Flea frying. Can of pea piloting.
  10. *Amurrikan Do Aussies even have dictionaries? It seems as though the pronunciations of words are all off. Sorta like how you guys pronounce "beer" as "Fosters." I know it's true because of American television. MikeJD, I tend to use 'addicting' as the participle adjective, such as "BASE jumping is addicting." I use 'addictive' as a non-participle adjective, such as "BASE jumping is an addictive sport."
  11. ad·dict (-dkt) tr.v. ad·dict·ed, ad·dict·ing, ad·dicts 1. To cause to become physiologically or psychologically dependent on a habit-forming substance: The thief was addicted to cocaine. 2. To occupy (oneself) with or involve (oneself) in something habitually or compulsively: The child was addicted to video games. Addictive is an adjective, while addicting is its participle form. If you say something like "BASE jumping is addicting," or "BASE jumping is addictive," both are correct. Also check out:
  12. Since a very small child, I enjoyed the feeling of falling. Started jumping out of trees, off of basketball goals, off of houses, schools, etc. I ruined a knee jumping off of a school on rollerblades from a bad landing, and realized I needed a way to land without getting hurt. Started cliff diving for a while until I was jumping high enough for water to start hurting, but wanted something higher. Tried a tandem jump last year, and loved it. Now I'm learning to use a canopy so that I can jump off of higher things without dying.
  13. In most cases, you must choose 2 of these 3.
  14. The last company I worked for was pretty cliquey too. If you didn't do well in physics throughout college, or if you couldn't solve the math and programming problems during an interview, you weren't invited into our club of employment.
  15. :-D Always glad to see when someone else "gets it."
  16. I always include at least one work-related hobby on my resume. As a software developer, I put "web development / open source programming" as a hobby. I don't know if it's looked at as sucking up or anything, but I've been asked about it before, which gives me a chance to showcase my portfolio. I also put a few outdoor sports, being as I live in the Rockies, and almost every employer has a few people there that are into the same sports, so it seems like I fit in already. Fire spinning / juggling stays on there, because 90% of the interviewers I've had have seen street performers, and usually comment, "I've never met a street performer before," and usually something about performing at a company party. I don't think I'd ever put skydiving on my resume, because there's really not much of anything that can be related to the potential job or helping the company in any way. During an interview, employers don't care about what I do in my spare time; they care about how I can benefit the company.
  17. If you really wanted revenge on your ex-wife, you should have nailed all her friends immediately following the divorce. At this point, the only option left is to burn her house down. I really see no other way around this.
  18. Hey, let him do his research Dave! I wanna jump from the space!
  19. I've been through the same, and both parties were relentless in dragging me in and bitching about the other one. Sadly, I don't hang out with either of them anymore. It sucks; it almost feels like they're divorcing you too, since you're sorta in the middle of it.
  20. I'd have thought software engineering would be in quite high demand. I tried explaining to a (maybe gay? i dunno) guy what I do the other day at a dropzone. At first, I told him "Right now I'm building web software for ski resorts." He pressed for more, and asked how it was done when someone visits a web page. I slowly kept getting into more detail when he asked more questions about it, but it didn't take much more than a few minutes before his eyes glazed over. He's a missile commander though, so it's all about finding other geeks to talk with. :-)
  21. That's horrible, you FUCKING BASTARD!!! Not fair if you quote my line; it doesn't get deleted if I remove my post! Hehehe.
  22. I've looked past my 'age bracket' criteria for a guy that was wicked handsome, very bright, and was genuinely into me for more than my looks (most guys I meet want to get down, but not go to dinner). We dated for about 8 months. Thus, I learned I am willing to look past my age bracket criteria for the right guy. My hard limits are intelligence (don't care about education, but I'm not going to teach my way through life either) and "no smoking cigarettes." Put the cigs away in your purse and smoke a damned cigar like a man, or join the rest of us non-smokers. Other than that, I'm a gay software engineer that is covered in piercings and tattoos... it's not like I'm in high demand, so I keep my expectations reasonable.