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  1. I see. Thanks JohnRich and Amazon.
  2. I've had a Zen X-Fi for about 4 years now. Still the best mp3 player I've ever owned, and it supports multiple file formats for video, audio, or pictures. No conversions necessary, and no 3rd party software to move files over. I've used it in Windows and Linux without a problem. Works for Mac too. The 32gb version is only $155 USD. It also has an SD card slot that makes the storage unlimited, but the 32gb has been fine for my use. I'd buy another one if I needed it, but I store a new playlist for each activity that I do (weights, cardio, snowboarding, skateboarding, mtn biking, climbing...). I love this mp3 player, and it's taken several tumbles with me off of bikes, boulders, boards, etc, and keeps on ticking. It has gotten near daily use ever since I got it.
  3. I never understood the people who want to participate in extreme sports, but want to do so without the risk of injury or death. Sure, I try to be as safe as I can when I'm doing the sports I love, but if there's no risk involved in it, it stops being fun for me.
  4. Are these usually not taught pre-A license?
  5. This. What would happen if the person had turned down a sure-thing, in-person sale and trusted the OP to follow through? I've been burned by situations like that before, and will go with the first one to put cash in my hand at all times now.
  6. Speeding drivers (drunk or not) kill people too. It's interesting that people always freak out about drunk drivers but not about speeding drivers, even though both (together or separately) are factors in many fatal accidents. (I'm not condoning drunk driving, just pointing out that driving too fast shows the same amount of disregard for others.) The common denominator is that they are drivers. Drivers are such assholes.
  7. One should not keep chupacabras as pets.
  8. Sounds like a financial engineer to me.
  9. I'm thinking a commercial showing a pool party. Girls taking their tops off, hookers walking around with trays of blow, and guys with baggy jeans and backwards ball caps doing keg stands while they formulate equations on graphing calculators. The hookers can walk up to some muscle-bound jock playing on their iPhone and say, "I just can't figure out why an object wouldn't reach a terminal velocity in a vacuum. Why would there be no drag?" The guy on the iPhone says "WTF are you talking about? I'm a business major." Suddenly our hero appears from the pool, pasty white and skin that shows the formation of his endoskeleton. "Listen, baby, you need to talk to an engineer. Why don't we go back to my place and I'll show you a thing or two about the laws of motion?" Aaaaand, scene. Engineering FTW!!
  10. I think your definition of hazing is a little loose. Sorta like claiming "terrorism" from having a bag of dog poop on your doorstep. People drop out because they are not smart enough to keep up with the work. If they were smart enough to keep up with the work, an 18-hour courseload wouldn't be as big of a deal. They're not being abused or harassed to the point that they quit; they are just overwhelmed because they just aren't smart enough to cut it. Hell, some people can't read, write, or do math. Should they be obtaining degrees, or would you consider it 'hazing' if they were flunked out of a college for not being able to keep up?
  11. Glad I never went back and finished college... Would hate to take that much of a pay cut! Especially for the first day at your first job. Who on EARTH would settle for 65k at their first job?
  12. That's still all it's worth, but you still end up paying more.
  13. It takes me a lot of money in drugs and alcohol to feel this way. Your way sounds cheaper. I'm going to have to try.
  14. OMG! They've got that song that goes, "wubwubwubwubwubwubwubwub" I've been looking for that one for AGES!!
  15. This. I think it's just that you need to be paid better. The majority of my friends that graduated in engineering had their first salaries in the 48 - 53k range. To negotiate salaries, after a couple years, we'll move on to other jobs with higher pay, and continue doing so until we are at a job that pays well and has projects we can tolerate. It may be the area you're living, the salary you chose to start at (you really couldn't negotiate your salary higher than that?), or what it is you're doing exactly, but it seems like you let yourself get screwed.
  16. Damn, you got screwed. Even my first temp contract paid about 10k more a year than that. My first full-time career job (and current job) pays a lot more than the temp job. I got both of these jobs in an economic crash when all my non-engineering friends were being laid off or have been unemployed for more than a year. Sounds like you may have gotten screwed by accepting a low salary for a first job out of college if you have to negotiate future salaries based on the previous salary for positions.
  17. You might want to keep an eye on that. You know, he does always seem interested in my lifestyle and asked a million questions when I got home . Threesome! Eww. My roommate is like my brother WINcest!
  18. Plus tunnel time? no that will include tunnel The budget is for Transport, accomdation and Tunnel, does not include food, entertainment or jumps. Make sure you get a discount on the hookers... or they will add up fast! (oddly enough, they can even do math!) Groupon?
  20. Never thought I'd see Squeak nit-picking grammer. "Grammar" Overkill, it was addressed twice, once with my "I didnt",post and later with my grammAr post. Someone hates semicolons.
  21. Are you kidding?! The second date is CRUCIAL! If you blow this one, not only will you never see this guy again, but you may possibly never date again either. He'll go back and tell his friends how weird you are, they'll tell their friends, and the next day you'll end up having everyone stare at you and laugh at you behind your back. If you're too nervous before the date, you'll end up spilling a drink on him or something, and he may hit you. Nah, just kidding. Sleep with him before the date. Sex is a great ice breaker.
  22. Right on man. I come here to waste time at work while code is compiling. Between this site and reddit, it makes it seem more like I'm working than blatantly staring out the window twiddling thumbs. That said, I listen to you guys first and foremost.