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  1. I would like to let all my fellow skydivers know that I was escorted from the Jet Blue Terminal at JFK airport today...all because I had a parachute. My carry on was flagged to be opened and checked, somewhat expected. In turn, I provided all of the proper documentation from the USPA, the TSA and Cypres. I clearly explained what the purpose of my Cypres was, obviously without using "scary" terminology and in a manner that "commoners" could understand. Once I said Automatic Activation Device my whole experience went sour. The TSA was eventually compliant, after checking their procedures, as requested, and ultimately cleared my rig. Jet Blue on the other hand insisted that my AAD, though turned off, was going to somehow engage and pop my reserve. (Please keep in mind I had my rig stored in a gear bag for carry on) When I, begrudgingly, conceded and offered to purchase a hard-sided suitcase from the store and check my rig, I was still denied. They insisted that my AAD was going to engage and then accused my potentially deployed reserve of creating a sound so loud that the oxygen masks would drop and the plane could potentially go down. I spoke with 15-20 people, from customer service reps to managers, and they all came to the same conclusion that my rig was allowed on the plane, as long as I took my AAD out. (Not going to happen!) I was then escorted out of the main security area, into a holding pen, where I continued to be interrogated about my AAD and multiple requests were made for me to extract it. They then told me that I could check my rig (with AAD intact) with Jet Blue security and pick it up on my way back from vacation. That kind of defeats the purpose of a skydiving trip in my book! (That is the equivalent of going to the North Shore or Tahoe without your board...) Since I was not willing to comply, I ultimately did not make it on the plane and they escorted me out of the building. Please keep in mind, that the whole time I kept my composure and acted with dignity and in no way deserved to be treated like a criminal because Jet Blue's security is IGNORANT with respects to my sporting equipment of choice. I am not a CRIMINAL, I am a SKYDIVER!!! Please read this and use caution when choosing your airline. This situation may happen to some, or none, and I am in no way stating that no one should travel with a rig. I am just shining a light on my experience, you can take what you want from it. Safe travels and blue skies!