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  1. Archers1


    This review is meant to be instructional for those G2 owners with issues. I treat my G2 no different than I do my expensive motorcycle helmets. When I'm not jumping, it's in my DZ locker in the Cookie helmet case. When I'm jumping, it hangs on my rig rack until I am gearing up for a load. I see other jumpers treat their G2s like they are cheap $60 helmets. I don't, and as a result of that, mine still looks new. Getting onto the airplane, I pull my visor half way down so that I can't bang it on the door or the ceiling of the aircraft. For most rides up, unless its really hot, I leave it on. I like the visor to be half closed to remind me to close it before exiting. I only fully close the visor right before I exit. In freefall it is amazingly quiet and secure. The visor has only rattled a little during high speed head down positions, but never during belly or sit flying positions. After opening my canopy, checking my air space, and stowing my slider, I open the visor to have fresh air in my face during my canopy ride and landing.
  2. Archers1


    After having been on a back order since early June 2011 for a Cookie G2 in XL, I couldn't wait any longer. I drove to Paragear in Skokie, IL and tried on about 6 different full face helmets. Nothing came close to the quality and fit of the FreeZR. The audible alti cut-outs are integrated nicely and you cannot even feel the unit (ProTrack) when in place. The visor locks and unlocks down over two brass posts and is as clear as any high quality motorcycle helmet/visor I've worn. I've got 15 jumps on mine and have no complaints. Eventually, I'll have a Cookie G2 to compare it to. Question will be, which one will get the most use.