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  1. Sorry to resurrect this thread but this is important. I need information on the current location and contact details of Serguei Borichtchev to pass onto the Australian Taxation Office for his case of fraud, tax evasion and money laundering. I have been advised that he has fled to Russia after receiving a copy of Bankruptcy notice on the 19th August 2011. His Legal Trustee in Australia needs to confirm details and give the guy a chance to explain his actions. Otherwise he is looking at a possible 15 year jail term in Australia if he ever comes back to Australia.
  2. Sorry labrys, Nothing conjecture about this. I'm the one making him bankrupt for ripping me off $38,000 by June 2009. (Court processes are slow here in Australia). If Serg has a problem he can always stand up in Court and say so. Funny that he never attends. Anyway all American skydivers be on the alert for another Russian scammer to move into the states shortly. No way he will do 3 years bankrupt in Australia
  3. Sorry to bump this post but this information is no longer relevant. Serg is being made bankrupt in the Australian Federal Court.
  4. Likes to Jump, My details are in the previous message link to the Australian Federal Court. Here is the link again. I've had a few people PM on this forum and an Australian Skydiving forum requesting information on Serg to fix their incomplete/failed orders. Wouldn't you want to know that the trader you are about to deal with won't be able to complete the delivery and that you will have lost your money? Anyone that thinks the opposite should place an large order with Serg right now. You'll be able to get your parachutes in 6 weeks .... RIGHT
  5. hcsvader Serg has had an open offer from myself to meet with my Solicitor and myself for 17 months. He has had the opportunity to negotiate, make a counter cliam in the District Court of NSW. I have paid for the NSW Sheriffs to visit him 3 times over 6 months to remind him to make an agreement. I have than paid for my Solictior to take him to Bankruptcy and he has been a no show. At any time he could have attended an Australian Court to make a counter cliam. Without his attendance at Court he will be made bankrupt and all skydiving people who have business with him will lose their money. Anyone favouring Serg at this point in time? Put your money where your mouth is and place a really big order from him! In six weeks time you'll be able to get your parahutes .... RIGHT
  6. You've piqued my curiosity in this and the other thread you're making this claim in. Are Serg and Gary the same guy or are you confusing 2 issues? What's your claim against either one of these 2 guys? Labrys, Sorry for the delay in replying. Here is the public link to Serg's impending bankruptcy. Having organised NSW District Court and Australian Federal Court, and having had an open offer to meet with my lawyer and myself its frustrating to find that Serg can't even organise a cash counter offer to the business proposal I invested AUD $38k into. He has however time to present himself as the honest "victim" with other issues like this forum and the Australian skysurfer forum
  7. Jeff, You may be Serg's best friemd in the whole world and he may have given you great deals at my expense. Doesn't make me a troll. I hope this link to the Australian Federal Court links correctly. Fair warning to any potential business partners/victims around the world like I am in Australia. Do you want to pay me the AUD $38k owing for 17 months?
  8. Quaz did you even bother to read my comment with a -1 for ScooterSv. For anyone who cares to know he was a no show at his Bankruptcy Hearing in the Federal Court in Sydney, Australia on the 19th March 2011.
  9. Hey Serg are you admitting guilt in this case. Hope you don't miss your Bankruptcy Heraing in the Sydney Federal Court on the 9th May 2011. Lousy that you could show up to your first Bankruptcy Hearing on the 19th March 2011
  10. -1 for [email protected] He didn't show up for his bankruprcy case in Sydney Federal Court today 18th March, 2011. Hope he manages to attend his hearing on the 9th May 2011.