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  1. Single slinks can be purchased at ChutingStar. It isn't advertised on the website, but the PD reserve slinks are $8 a piece. Just email, call, or swing by one of the shops.
  2. The G3 is really popular and getting lots of support right now, and it's a great helmet. That being said, I also think the Bonehead Rev2 is a great helmet. I flew a Revolve for a while, and was planning a move to a Rev2 when a really good deal on a G3 popped up. A buddy was selling it to get a Rev2. I bought it due to the price and due to some personal short term goals. That being said, I am loving it, but it's a lot different than a Rev2. The thought put into both helmets is very noticeable, but the thought was put towards different goals. Both are great helmets, and each has it's pros and cons, which can be elaborated on if so desired. This isn't saying the Phantom XV isn't a good contender. People love it, but I haven't flown one. From examining and trying some on, I can tell you it appears to be a good contender and is designed with a mission more relative to the G3. I'd definitely get the XV with the improved ventilation. Playing around with one makes me want to try it out, but I don't see me switching because I feel the G3 fits that mission better. Honestly, it's all dependent on what mission you're after. Determine that, and see what helmet best suits that task. Most importantly, try on as many as you can. If you have a gear shop near by, take advantage of it. If not, harass people at the DZ.
  3. As stated above, the G3 does run smaller than most other manufacturer's full face helmets. Also as stated above, head circumference is merely one variable in sizing. There are many odd shaped noggins out there. My head's circumference measures exactly 22" but I have to wear an XL G3. I test jumped a Large, and it was OK, but when I put my audible in XL was clearly the way to go. That's one opportunity for improvement of the G3, increased room for audibles. If at all possible, try on helmets before you buy.
  4. This suit is rather intriguing. If anyone has experience, or video footage of this in action, please share. Curious how the flight characteristics compare to the PF PTS and T3.
  5. No offense, but I hope you're misguided, AKA wrong :) If not, then I feel someone is definitely dropping the ball on that one.
  6. First off, I apologize if this is covered in a thread somewhere. After trying numerous searches, the results were less than productive, especially with all of you hooligans posting so much randomness ;) Also, this thread could prove useful to future Newbs looking for this answer. My question is, is it possible to change your screen name without creating a new account? Some threads I read say no, but that seems extremely counter productive for the individual members, forum owners, and the community as a whole. This is very easily achieved on other forums I frequent, so I hope this is the same for here. If I am in the wrong area, please direct me to the correct person to pester about the matter. Thanks!
  7. It's a little farther than the others, ~4 hours, but Skydive The Farm is a great DZ in western Georgia and totally worth the drive.
  8. A year ago I was searching for the right full face, and these were the two helmets it came down to for me as well. Since I live a few miles from Chutingstar's warehouse, I went there to try them both on. After doing so, I had the opposite problem as stated above. The G3 was nice, and it's what all the Skygods fly, but my nose is too big and touched the visor. With the Revolve, it wasn't an issue. I have been jumping the Revolve ever since and absolutely love it. Having the ability to easily talk up until you exit is a huge seller for me. Also, being able to open up the face under canopy is great. The fact that it's a full face or you can remove the cover and have an open face is a huge bonus. You can see pics of the new Revolve on Bonehead's Facebook page: I don't have the funds for a new helmet, and unsure how I feel about the exposed audible mount, but I LOVE the increased visor visibility, even though the current size has never been an issue for me. Definitely try them both on if you can, but I doubt you will be displeased with a Revolve.
  9. Any updates on this? Maybe some teaser pics? I love my current Revolve, but definitely see some areas of improvement. So I am intrigued by this new design.
  10. This is spot on. I just finished doing a lot of my personal research on my first helmet. Just look at what is important to you and weed candidates out based on that. You DEFINITELY need to try them on though. Luckily, I was able to try on my top two choices, G3 and Revolve, at ChutingStar beforehand. Good thing too. Based on Bonehead's website I should be wearing a medium, but actually the XXL is all that would fit me. With the G3 I would have needed an XL, but had some slight fitment issues with it. I was really torn between the two, but I ended up picking up a Revolve. I still like the G3, a lot, and may get one later on, but I am very content with the Revolve. I jumped it a few times this past weekend, and I enjoyed it, especially being able to open it under canopy. With this warm weather, I plan to switch it to open face before I jump again, another big bonus for the revolve(two helmets in one). Also, being able to open it and talk on the plane is useful too.
  11. Thinking about purchasing one as well for my first helmet. So I wouldn't mind seeing some pics, other than whats on their site, and hearing some reviews. Any lens problems similar to the G2?
  12. I agree and I am a current mechanical engienering student. I am on my 4th year at SPSU and I juist took up Air Force ROTC as well, so I have extended my stay in college to three more years to complete ROTC, versus the two years it would take without. Engineering isn't supposed to be easy, or for the weak of heart. It annoys me when so many people assume so and choose the major just for the $$. I had seen countless people change their major from engineering to business because they didn't like the long hours of studying and not being able to have a life. That aspect of it can be draining, but I have a personaly desire to learn and succeed. So when school is on all I do is school, study, and work. I also have a 3.7 GPA, while other ENGR majors that don't elect to put in that much work have much lower GPAs. I attended a meeting discussing changes to become a PE at our school last semester and this issue came up. One student said by maiing engineering harder we were weakening the chances of USA students versus international students. I was appalled at such an ignorant statement, and even more so when I saw some people agree with it. Of course, the intelligent people in the crowd had the same disgusted look as I did. Sure, make things easier. Why don't we just make becoming a PE as easy as signing a waiver? Then when all these people who shouldn't be engineers start killing loads of people we can solve two problems in one. People will realize being a whiney little biotch and wanting the easy way out isn't the answer, and we will have put a small dent in the world's severe over population problem. Unfortunately, in this day and age people want everything to be easy. Well, guess what, lifes not easy, and anything that is probably isn't worth too much. If we aren't careful, this mentality, coupled with other detrimental traits already running through the veins of USA, will be our downfall. *steps off soapbox*
  13. I just started my AFF last week. After completing the class I successfully made my first two jumps. I had no prior experience with the sport, not even tandem, but I was able to successfully land both times. The first time I kind of slid in a little, and the second time I practiced a PLF. It can be intimidating, but the best way to combat it is to listen and take in everything your instructors are telling you. You will have a radio attached to your harness so they can also help guide you through it. Pay attention to your altitude and instructor and it'll be a breeze.
  14. +1 for The Farm I just started my AFF training there last Thursday. I took the class and successfully made my first two jumps. The DZO and everyone there are really great. With their experience, nice rate packages, and great group, I'd highly recommend checking them out.
  15. I have been wearing soley VFFs for almost two years, other than during ROTC and at my new part-time job. It has come to the point that I pretty much don't own any other shoes, and honestly don't really want to wear anything else. That being said, I obviously know I can't wear just them due to my choice of ROTC/military, but I definitely wish I could. I am a fairly active person, around my school schedule, and I do everything in VFF. I am about to start my AFF in a couple of weeks, and thought about this as being a concern, but just for a short period of time. They have just become an everyday thing for me, and I don't usually think about anything else as an option. I previously skateboarded, during highscool, so I know how well skate shoes are designed for shock absorption. I guess I may have to consider getting another pair, or just rocking the VFFs. I am also a motorcycle rider who doesn;t wear all the gear. I actually ride in gym-like attire more than anything else. If I go down will I wish that I was wearing my jacket, maybe, but I enjoy being comfortable when I ride and not having to lug around all the gear.