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  1. AtrusBatleth

    I'm not sure I understand how this is not safe. I thought the chest strap ensures the pack stays on while you pitch to a legs-down position: mission accomplished.

    You should be talking to instructors/riggers about these things and not us just an FYI.

    The chest strap is to hold the shoulder straps together during deployment so that you don't fall out of your harness forward on deployment. However if yours is coming up that high, whats to say on a hard opening your chest strap doesn't come up super fast and hit you up under your chin causing you to bite through your tongue? or even worse...

    The point is for the gear to be as safe as possible it needs to fit properly, I know you are using student gear, but you should really seek properly fitting gear. Have you talked to the DZ about this?

  2. stayhigh

    Again, show it to me in the manual please.

    Show us in the manual for a Xaos 88 that it should not be jumped by a student. I'll save you the trouble, IT DOESN"T SAY IT BECAUSE ONLY AN ABSOLUTE IDIOT WOULD DO IT!

    Does it say in your car manual not do drive it into a brick wall? No because common sense (if the person has any) would tell you not to do it.

    Kinda like blind toggle whipping a tandem student when there are CLEARLY other canopies in the air. For Christ's sake man how you defend this is just plain asinine and ignorant.

  3. RiggerLee

    That's actually a good argument for the micro puller design.


    Exactly, I am all about changing things to better solutions. When you can reduce the number of things in an equasion (rip cord, rip cord housing, ball stop, gasket, etc.) down to as little as possible, that is better IMO.

    The "bent pin is rare" is about the stupidest argument I can think of. What if someone takes a mid air hit to their reserve tray? Bends the pin and they are knocked out.....say goodnight.

  4. I dont understand, by your logic the cutter is interfering with the reserve system, how is this solution not?

    You are sliding the ripcord through a housing, the same way a rigger is sliding the closing loop through a cutter.

    Mind you, what if your device severs the rip cord? What if the pin is bent, weak, brittle and your device now renders the ripcord useless?

    I would take my odds that a cutter will lock my container over something impeading my ONE AND ONLY ripcord. I might be more warm to the idea if it pulled the pin directly, IE not using the ripcord.

  5. davelepka

    I know this isn't the way it's done everywhere, but I don't know why that is. This is how the DZ can protect itself from this sort of thing getting out.

    Not saying this to disagree or be a dick, but do you think "grandma" should not have gotten out? As in, the incident should have been brushed under the rug and TI (if you call him that) gets a talking to but carries on?

    Ideally the guy is pulled aside and reamed a new asshole, possibly fired, but really how realistic is that?

  6. Kalrigan

    To be frank, I don't think I'm ready for a 150. I mean I'm very comfortable on a 170, but there is a lot for me to learn still. I don't know how comfortable I would be dropping to a 150 right now. I don't wanna rush things, especially when it comes to my safety.

    I appreciate the offer, if I change my mind I'll let you know.

    a 170 might fit, and someone looking to downsize might trade you their 170 for the 150...just a thought.

  7. chuteless

    A few years back, a group of jumpers were debating wheethger to cutaway and use the reserve, or should they deploy the reserve with the malin tow. Within an hour of this debate, a bunch went up for a jump. One guy had a mal, and no one noticed. About an hour later, someone spoke up and said, "Where is Bobby"? They went out and found his body, the reserve wrapped around the malfunctioned main. If you have a mal, cutaway anduse the reserve. I wish Bobby had done that. He was a great guy, and such a waste. All in one day at the DZ. Bill Cole D-41

    of course if the main is out of the container the best option would be to cutaway....this is about pilot chute in tow mals.

  8. erdnarob

    A friend of mine was jumping an airlocked Lotus at an exhibition jump. It was windy and the landing area was a football field. I landed first with my Katana. I had then the chance to see my friend's approach. At about 150 feet, the right side of his Lotus collapsed badly. Fortunately the recovery was fast allowing him to do a good landing. I am now not sure if airlocks are really efficient. If there is a dowward air drift caused by turbulences, airlocks or not, the canopy will have a negative angle of attack and will collaps.

    Is it safe to say a non-airlocked wing would have done the same thing?