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  1. devildog

    Odd malfunction twice in a row

    1,500 is really low for not having a canopy you know you can land. Was that the first time you looked at your alti during all of this? Do you know when you came out of the line twists?
  2. devildog

    Beyond Excited!! XD

    My first suit was a body sport that I picked up from someone else. I happened to like it and it served me well for some time. As for exits, cannonballs are fun, especially right off AFF. You're coaching from here to your A will cover exits (dives w/ swoops to be specific), so you'll get that soon enough. That said, being able to present into the wind right after launch and be stable is a skill you can't develop too soon or refine too much IMHO as a good launch can make or break a group dive.
  3. devildog

    Dropzones that go above 14k ft
  4. devildog

    So Excited!

    Given that your more likely to get injured under canopy (or trying to get a canopy out), yeah, those nerves are justified. It's not the freefall or even the last 100 feet that will get you. It's the sudden stop at the end. You'll be fine though. Listen to your instructors and have fun.
  5. devildog

    Just received my A

    Congrats, and yes. My nerves have always disappeared once out the door :)
  6. footage from a dive
  7. I think this probably tops them all. Just my .02
  8. devildog

    Florida Skydiving

    Good :)
  9. devildog

    PD Reserve

    Packed a container lock after opening and quickly closing my flaps to look inside my container (wasn't thinking) and had to go to my reserve. Opened soft, on heading, and landing was smooth as silk. Can't give something that did all of that (not too mention kept me alive) anything but 5 stars.
  10. devildog

    Florida Skydiving Center/Skydive Lake Wales

    I never went prior to the new management, but a buddy of mine from highschool who lives in Orlando and I decided to meet up at LW and give it a go to see how it was run now. Loads were fast to get on, staff very friendly, and people were there organizing. Plenty of outs if needed, and the view in the sky was great. Other than maybe wanting to buy food on the premises, not sure what else one would really want.