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  1. I don't know. It took me 2 years to get through my A license in Florida. I was determined to get my A, but I started as a single mom and the closest DZ was 2 hours from my house. I kept with it when I had the money and was careful to not fall out of currency. I did finish my A and I needed water safety training to get my B. I just moved to Iowa and I don't see how I can keep jumping. The weather is iffy, the DZs are far, it is a huge sacrifice to give up money, family vacations and weekends to go jump, and now my kids are afraid I am going to die. So, after 3 years and only 50 jumps, I am taking a leave of absense. I suspect I will be jumping again in the next couple of years. I am very happy to have met all of the friends I made and conquer my fear of heights and living, but skydiving was the first selfish thing I had done in my adult life. It changed my life and perspective. I will always consider myself a skydiver, I just may not be in the air for awhile. Skydiving was not about a way of life to me, I don't drink beer, and I did not jump every weekend- once a month. Skydiving was for me, about me, about freedom and flight, about friends, but I never let it consume my life. Admittedly, most of my friends are skydivers though and all very mad at me for taking a LOA.
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  4. In the hangar, to a tandem rigging up, "listen son, this is where you have to watch your junk."