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  1. You'd better cross more than your fingers re: the weather. It's been a frustrating past 4+ weeks watching tandems. They say the weather gets better through May though.
  2. This could be a textbook case of 'too good to be true' - Thursday morning and still the forecast is looking good
  3. I know this is akin to washing your car on a sunny day i.e. it'll start raining before you've finished the waxing lol But the forecast is looking good for Saturday, I'm booked in for 8am and even though there are still 2 weather forecast destroying days to go I'm feeling nothing but this much excitement. That is all
  4. Depending on which weather service you look at, this weekend is looking better. I need to get my AFF2 jump in and hopefully crack on with some others too.
  5. If the school provided lunch bears any resemblance to those on that Jamie Oliver program, I think I'd be moving my child to a school that allowed a lunch from home.
  6. Kiyami

    I love Hulu

    Yeah. Although, I'm led to believe not as many as the non paid version.
  7. Kiyami

    Naked Chicks!

    You got me. But then it's been really windy, I've not been able to get my AFF2 done and I'm frustrated (about AFF2) :)
  8. Kiyami

    Who Failed

    I struggle to see a 4ft 82lbs boy couldn't have been apprehended without the pepper spray. Do we know how many cops there were? Are there no other options between talking and pepper spray?
  9. Yeah, it'd be cool to go through AFF together, for sure
  10. Yeah, ours is not even showing sun anymore - just the word WINDY in italics LOL Good luck :) I've sown the seed with mine but she's not coming across very keen. I'm sure if she sees the tandems landing she'll give it a go but if not, I'm hoping to at least get her to ride up and down in the plane one day once I'm licensed. I appreciate it's not everyones bag so after months of deliberation I've decided even if she doesn't jump, I'll still love her
  11. The forecast gets more windy every time I check so I'm pretty sure there'll be no AFF progress this weekend. I'm getting more and more mentally prepared for cranking out the jumps at the next opportunity though. We'll get there :)
  12. Yeah, that pretty much could be this weekends plan. The weather is looking ideal for beer