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  1. I'm sure the chances of us meeting are pretty slim if any.. "All limits are self imposed." Icarus
  2. Meh.. I'm done with switching canopies, it'll have to do for now... I'm sure my Safire wouldn't be able to glide those 13000 kilometers, so you and your friends should be fine "All limits are self imposed." Icarus
  3. Honestly, no matter how good of a pilot you are, wingloading counts for most of it (from my experience).. 1.3 (with 10 kg lead) is horrible, yeh I know I need to eat more but this shit doesn't happen over a night.. If the WL is not enough, it won't dive, it will recover instantly, risers will be impossible to hold etc etc.. So in all honesty, these are not the most ideal conditions to progress, only "safe"... There's a reason why all real HP flight is done over 2.0 WL... "All limits are self imposed." Icarus
  4. Safire2 "All limits are self imposed." Icarus
  5. You think that's smart? Funny, since you're all so oh safety conscious... "All limits are self imposed." Icarus
  6. Safire feels like a truck after the KA.. "All limits are self imposed." Icarus
  7. Well, look how this turned out to be.. I'm not gonna comment on the personal aspects of this unlike some people in here, who don't value other persons trust in private matters, anyway.. Yes I did jump the Katana 97 at around 210+ jumps, yes I'm your typical 200 jump wonder.. It's not a forgiving canopy and it requires a lot of care from what I could gather from the jumps I did on it, truly a high performance canopy, but at the same time it's very rewarding and amazingly fun to fly, coming off a Safire2 129 I was lacking this fun and the Katana flight is how I imagined true canopy flight to be.. Still, not a place to let your guard down at any time.. Yes I'm cutting shortcuts, doing what most of you probably wouldn't do and don't want others to do or you might have done in the past, who knows, it's your choice.. I try to do everything in my power to not hurt others and look out for them, but the rest is my choice and I take full responsibility for my choices, as we all do. In all honesty and fairness with no trolling I surely don't recommend what I'm doing to anyone, take your path the way you want it, take care of others, but the rest are your choices in this life. Have fun and take care! mchamp, no I was never looking for a 99sqft reserve, you probably mixed me with someone else, I'm pretty good with my 126 rstanley, I think trying out double fronts is standard in canopy flight, nothing too radical here as long as you don't overdo it hehe
  8. Rigless


    So I got myself a Katana 97 loaded at around ~1.5, coming off a Safire2 129. It's truly a high performance wing. Openings require good body position if you don't want to get into linetwists and with such a small wing you really don't want to! So be careful and be ready cause this is a demanding one. Once open it flies like a dream, it is true that it's very ground hungry, with fronts it dives like a beast, super easy, practically no pressure risers, contrary to what others say very good range on rears, got me from a long spot no problems, though not much altitude left for any HP turn after that.. But hey you can't always have everything. Also has a very powerful flare that starts early. Overall an amazing canopy, I've got nothing bad to say against it, it's just that it's a high performance canopy and demands careful attention to every bit of the flight, but it's designed that way.
  9. You know what's the solution to your landing problems? Jumping more. "All limits are self imposed." Icarus
  10. Just go jump and see how it feels.. "All limits are self imposed." Icarus
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3PElZVM9oo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUvCsJTVbG8 Don't bust your tib-fib "All limits are self imposed." Icarus
  12. At this rate you should be doing 360's! This will allow you to build even more speed leading to whoopy fasty landings with a complete stop at the end, pillow soft! Goodluck! "All limits are self imposed." Icarus
  13. Oh my my, look who's talkin, an american who can't do anything without reading a manual and who has to have a warning label "DO NOT EAT" on a candy wrap so he wouldn't choke on it "All limits are self imposed." Icarus
  14. Can anyone post pics of the wing? "All limits are self imposed." Icarus
  15. More GoPro haters.. How original.. "All limits are self imposed." Icarus