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    AFF Level 1 with one instructor?

    Here at Skydive Spain we also make the student complete and "AFF" tandem which is made only with a multi rated instructor (AFF & TI), and I have to say I believe it makes a big difference as they do the complete L1 sequence from Hotel Checks until opening the tandem. although the biggest advantage I see is from the canopy piloting aspect. I can´t provide statistics but for sure we have better success on L1-L3, although these are still two instructor levels.
  2. Dave-Dornan

    Logan Paul AFF Cutaway

    Don't really care who he is, my main concern, does anyone thing that is suitable separation by the AFF instructor, I only have 200 AFF/I jumps and maybe its the 360 camera, but it really looks like just watch opening and pull kind of scenario, which is not so cool.......... Open to be corrected .
  3. Dave-Dornan

    Exit Carvan 3-Way