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  1. I dropped off my rig to have the reserve repacked. They told me it would take 4 days, it's been well over a month and a half now, I JUST got it back today. I never received any phone calls about it's status either, they claim they had staff issues, but no common courtesy to call me and explain? I had to contact them via Facebook to get a response, which tells me their staff is more concerned about status updates than actually getting real work done. It only gets worse from here. I go in to get my rig, and the people at the service counter wants to charge more money for my main to be packed, WHICH IT WASN"T EVEN PACKED. I was looking straight at my rig, main detached and said "yeah no not paying for that, because you guys haven't did that work" which took them even longer to figure out what was going on. Very disappointed. They stamp on my reserve repack was on June 20th, it's not July 8. So even after it was packed it took them almost 20 days to get it back to me? I dropped it off on the 28th of May. Not so much as a discount for anything, or an apology from the sales person at the counter. Don't go to this dropzone if you want any kind of good service. I will never go here again.
  2. oh, sorry been busy. lol I did my 7th jump last weekend, D-2 is next I think... Been doing alright so far, been tater chiping a little bit, my instructors keep telling me to relax, lol it's hard for me to not be so tense in the air.
  3. oh sweet thanks, I was looking for something like that last night. Aprreciate it.
  4. Just made my first two tandem jumps, and ground school. Gonna start my AFF Tomarrow.
  5. Question. Whats the deal with this USPA membership thing? Do I need one to jump or what? confused.
  6. The marine corp hasn't sent me to jump school because when I got to my battalion, we were in a workup for iraq, sent me to alot of other schools like breacher, machine gun courses, all the driving courses, couches coarse ect ect, if you werent in a school or a coarse, you would be training, at the end of our iraq workup we were told we were going to afghanistan, so we ended up having a longer work up, went to afghan for 7 months and came back, started another workup/school phase, by that time I didnt have enought time left on my contract to go to to jump school. I've gone to other schools, but its kind of right place right time for different schools. either way doesn't bother me much, it's only like two weeks long, and no one really uses it except back in the states to stay current. I don't see a need to go to the Army jump school. As for the money thing, I know skydiving is going to cost ALOT, so does every other thing you want to do thats fun lol. I spent over $700 in parts in less than a month on my dirtbike because of how much I was riding, so I can understand the demand. I also know that skydiving is a long term commitment, not something to go rushing into... but money shouldn't be too much of a problem when I get out of the marine corp, Just coordinating how and where to jump while working.
  7. Indeed, thanks! Thats pretty cool, so let me try and get this right... After I get my A license, I'm good to jump with whoever, as long as the last jump is within 30 days of the next one, and If I go over the 30 day mark, thenIhave to jump with an Instructor, right?
  8. No I haven't done tandem jumps or anything, I didnt have time to go to that school, too much training. Im stationed in Lejeune right now. But im talking aout after I get my license... like what if I have an A and I leave for 6 months, I thought there was like a 30 day limit or something...
  9. Hi, my name is Joe, and I have always been interested in sky diving, since, well I can't even remember that far back lol. I am currently a Recon marine, and have had my fair share of "exciting" adventures: Spie riging, helo casts into the ocean, fast roping out of helos, repelling out of helos ect ect... I also love to do "extreme" sports, I dirt bike alot and like to do some stunts here and there on my street bike. So you probably know I have a good sense of adventure:) and am pretty physically fit to keep up with my interests. What I really want to get into is sky diving, I just want to know that Free feeling you know? But It's hard to try to get into with my job and all, I will be getting out soon, but I will also get into the same line of work with a private company, so I have alot of questions, like how much should I expect to dedicate into this sport, getting my A license, b license ect ect. And other things like, If I have an A license and I deploy for a few months, how can I become current again, and what will it cost me? Any advise would be useful thanks!