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  1. sneakyj0e

    Skydive Elsinore

    I dropped off my rig to have the reserve repacked. They told me it would take 4 days, it's been well over a month and a half now, I JUST got it back today. I never received any phone calls about it's status either, they claim they had staff issues, but no common courtesy to call me and explain? I had to contact them via Facebook to get a response, which tells me their staff is more concerned about status updates than actually getting real work done. It only gets worse from here. I go in to get my rig, and the people at the service counter wants to charge more money for my main to be packed, WHICH IT WASN"T EVEN PACKED. I was looking straight at my rig, main detached and said "yeah no not paying for that, because you guys haven't did that work" which took them even longer to figure out what was going on. Very disappointed. They stamp on my reserve repack was on June 20th, it's not July 8. So even after it was packed it took them almost 20 days to get it back to me? I dropped it off on the 28th of May. Not so much as a discount for anything, or an apology from the sales person at the counter. Don't go to this dropzone if you want any kind of good service. I will never go here again.