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  1. Rick's track recorded is pretty impressive. I ordered my Rig thru him via a 50% off coupon myself. The guy had just got back from vacation, was swamped with work, and still managed to curtail to my needs. Granted, I knew exactly what I wanted, am a Rigger, and only had minor alterations here n' there. I get the feeling that your friend PurpleHeart is the one to blame. New to the sport, nervous about money, etc. ='s a customer that should really just use his dealer instead of take matters into his own hands... Rick - if you read this Cheers! Woot Woot!
  2. Thanks. I like that towel idea... never heard of that one b4. Woot Woot!
  3. No insult taken! I know my level of experience is low, so input is aways welcomed. Every job thus far has been done perfectly... I'm just trying to get tweaking ideas so I'm not having to constantly reflake and reflake the canopy to insure it's in the bag optimally. Woot Woot!
  4. I've been packing reserves in my house, where there is almost no humidity in the air, and with every pack job I'm constantly battling lots of bulk. I've been trying to tweak my methods to keep things neater & tighter but to no real avail. I was contemplating buying a humidifier to use in my packing room and wanted to see if anyone else has tried this, thoughts, negatives/pros, etc.? Any tips n' tricks would also be appreciated! A lil background: I've only got 40 pack jobs under my belt so I'm sure as time progresses I'll increase in the craft. Learned from Dave Dewolf's course. TY, Vince Woot Woot!
  5. Are PD Reserve Slinks reusable? Or must they be replaced if you change out reserve canopies? TY Woot Woot!
  6. It's the weekend & Wings is closed - at 3pm on friday - ARGH!! Anyone have an Optimum in the Wing W10 Container? If so what size? I'm trying to determine what the largest/smallest Optimums I can correctly put in. Blue Skies. Woot Woot!
  7. Thanks for that link. Much obliged. Woot Woot!
  8. Personally, if you having it custom built to your specs the foam isn't really necessary. THAT MY OPINION. Space foam would aid you if your rigger or yourself packed bulgy on your back.. I say save the 200 bucks. Woot Woot!
  9. Why Wings doesn't post a container size chart etc. ? --- I don't know. Woot Woot!
  10. This is the newest / oldest DZ in Va. The school and club moved from West Point to Dinwiddie near the end of last year and, true to form, have again established themselves as the safest and best run drop zone out there! I'm a fun jumper who started jumping when they were at West Point and now gladly trek the extra distance to jump with them at Dinwiddie -- It's worth it!!! I've done roughly 25 jumps at VSC out of either the Caravan (this thing is clean with a Large Door) or the 182 Cessna. The landing area is very large and would take a bit of doing to land off, the packing area is rubber matted, music is normally on, and they keep making new additions to the building every time I journey out to keep their students and jumpers comfortable and happy. I'm proud to claim it as my home DZ and encourage jumpers - new and old - to make it theirs as well! Blue Skies!
  11. woppyvac


    I'm 175lbs in my jumpsuit and about 195lbs out the plane fully rigged putting me close to a 1.1 wing loading on my Fusion 175. I have her packed in a Mirage G4 M4 and it's a perfect fit. Openings: SOFT! My first 10 jumps with it I was experiencing 1,000-1,500 ft. snivels. Spooked me something awful on my first jump which was a hop n' pop. I've altered my packing technique by favoring the slider more towards the tail and not pushing the nose into the middle. I'm not constantly having openings at 1,000ft. HOWEVER - almost ever opening is off heading! After 35 jumps I haven't figured what it is that is causing this but will continue to tweek both pack jobs and body position. Flight: Simply excellent! She does it all. I truly enjoy how much ground I can cover if need be from bad spots or if I just need more room to set up good landing patterns. Landings: In docile winds you have to give her a good full flare jerk and then your set. If not your gonna come in a smidge fast on low wind days. But overall - I love em. Packing: Packs like every other new chute... pain in the rear! But after your first 10 pack jobs you should be able to have her pretty well figured out. She uses HMA lines - I learnt that using a mixture of large rubber bands for the Dbag flap and small rubber bands for the remainder of the stows gave me quicker openings. Customer Service: They've been good to me when I've called - each and every time.
  12. I noticed a lot of the folks who have responded thus far are D licensed. Personally - I'm only 70 jumps into this - but I have no quarrel with AAD's raising their firing altitude. In my mind I'm already testing the gods with each jump and with that train of thought deploy at 3,000ft - Religiously. The closest I've come to the 1,250ft mark happened due to a snivel that lasted longer than any other I've experienced and even then I about 1,500-600 feet. Like Booth said at PIA 2011 - I sweet bullets after 3,000ft. And at my level of expertise I'd much rather have to combat a two out than pray for no delay with my AAD. Woot Woot!
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    My DZ has an abundance of Sabre 2's for students and rentals and I've given most of them a try. I'm only posting this because I wanted to focus on their slow openings at lower weight ratios. I'm 190 out the door and taking a 210+ for a spin can get interesting once the pilot chute is out. I know a lot of beginners like jumping lower wing loads but at a .9 wing load I found the sabre 2 will snivel 1,000 -1,400 feet. Granted it's soft - but when pulling at 3,000 feet it can get concerning quick.
  14. Read about it Parachutist recently... does anyone know if it is available in the USA yet? Woot Woot!
  15. 1st post! yey me! I'm wondering if anyone knows how a Precision Aerodynamics Fusion 175 fits in a Mirage G4 M4. From the way Mirage writes their sizing charts I'm assuming it'd be optimal but I wanted to seek some first hand opinions on it prior to me make the financial plunge. Any input on how the Fusion packs would be appreciated and welcomed! Thanks in Advance! Vince Woot Woot!