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  1. Just downloaded a ton of these for my next safety day presentation. TY Woot Woot!
  2. I guess aussies don't have the same rules regarding jumping into clouds as US jumpers do.... Woot Woot!
  3. surely, someone there has to be able to point you in the right direction... Woot Woot!
  4. I really don't understand why it has to be in two disciplines (Back + Chest/Seat/Lap etc.) I got a chest rating in case I ever wanted to go for a master riggers ticket... but finding a chest rig to pack 100 times just to get my masters and then never touch a chest rig again is just silly. Woot Woot!
  5. ? I'm 5'11 and 200lbs... been at it for at least four years. My good buddy is 6'3 260... he's been at it for 5 years. lol we are sky buffalo! Woot Woot!
  6. I've seen an instance where the plastic re-enforcement on the #1 flap of a mirage was bent to all hell... happens when riggers don't read how much fabric should be in the Molar Ears of the freebag for the G3 vs the G4. Is your #1 flap bent? Cracked? Etc? Woot Woot!
  7. I've searched the forms, checked the USPA.ORG site, but want to ask/clarify with folks who have requested a life insurance and/or disability insurance plan via the USPA website if it was effective. I don't want to enter my information only to have it register with vulture agencies. If you've tried this quote system can you give me a review of how it went? Did you acquire any of the proposed policies? What sort of $ are they charging for our skydiving lifestyle? Thanks in advance! Woot Woot!
  8. Much appreciated. Looking forward to this. Woot Woot!
  9. I'm getting LASIK eye surgery next week, not PRK or LASEK. I've asked a my doctor, and a couple other docs, when I could return jumping. So far I've been told the following weekend to waiting four weeks. If you've had LASIK... how long did you wait until you jumped again? Did you experience any issues? Thanks. Woot Woot!
  10. For video I could see this being a good idea. When shooting tandems you aren't always able to check your altimeter... granted this could also confuse some videographers who use an indicator light that their camera is on. :P Woot Woot!
  11. I've got close to 700 jumps and bought a Shadow Racer maybe a hundred jumps ago... It's cheap ($1,500), took about a month to get, and has everything I need to skydive. RI makes a rig that's similar in price. Mine outta last me at least another 1,000+ jumps. Might want to consider them as an option. Woot Woot!
  12. Truthfully, I've learned more from watching some of the 'Blooper' vids I've collected watching people do stupid stuff than most any conversation or written report I've been presented with. Example: 1.) I have a video somewhere at home of a customer getting a save from one of my reserve repacks. He had a spinning canopy, with line twists, on opening. He pulled around 3.5K which gave him altitude to burn but he fought that malfunction for a long while. I kept it to show folks that if he had pulled lower or if he had a longer than normal snivel he would have burnt his usable altitude to cutaway safely. 2.) Strong's 'side spin phenomenon' - extremely useful! 3.) Low hook vids... Woot Woot!
  13. Why not close it like normal and just run the bridle and pin from underneath like on a racer or new vector etc? http://youtu.be/49Kw0ZafG4c Woot Woot!
  14. http://youtu.be/7Q1IK6Z8zZM http://youtu.be/62v7VMY64K0 Woot Woot!
  15. Mel, are you saying that a senior rigger can Not do line replacements on a main canopy? Woot Woot!
  16. I've got a call out to some local riggers who've done line sets before and intend to have a set of eyes over my shoulders. But still interested in facilitating any tricks n' tips. TY Woot Woot!
  17. Ordered a line set from PD for my Katana 150. I've got the specs and measuring instructions. Will start tackling this sometime this weekend or next week. BUT being that it's going to be my 1st go - any tips, tricks, etc. would be welcomed! Ty. Woot Woot!
  18. If the manufacturer says it will fit but it's 'tight' I don't touch it. I've opened a few 'tight' fits only to find it wouldn't come out without an aggressive amount of force. Woot Woot!
  19. a phone call to Wings would answer most of your questions.... also, you most likely want a kill line pilot chute. (a lil less wear on your canopies top skin etc.) Woot Woot!
  20. Try to also demo a reserve if you have not yet had a cutaway etc. They often times do that as well. Woot Woot!
  21. Please contact the manufacturers. THEY ALL want to help you with this (lol it's how they dig the Sales Talons in deeper). And talk to your DZ's riggers and instructors about which options and set ups would be best for you - AND WHY. There is always give and take on varying options. GL Woot Woot!
  22. I just went to the Aerodyne's website and opened up the manual PDF. Where is this triangular folding you are referencing? Woot Woot!
  23. woppyvac


    Bought a FUEL for tandem work and the occasional fun jump with a go pro. It's very comfortable. I have a XXL (typically wear an XL with most other manufacturers) and it fits like a glove (I suggest sizing one up than normal for a FUEL). The chin strap adds an additional layer of comfort as well. It has a slew of options you can order with or add later BUT it's limited on camera compatibility. I jump a GoPro2 and I have no issue but a contour or sony camcorder would be hard pressed to fit. If you are looking for an excellent overall open face this is one.
  24. People have done this? And the canopy material didn't stick to itself after being packed up for a month? huh.... Woot Woot!