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  1. There wasn't a knot (at least as far as I could tell). I'm pretty sure the bunching of the lines on the right side is due to the line that caused the lineover. A front line that goes over the top and down the back has to course outside around all the remaining lines to reach it's attachment point on the front riser. (and vice versa if it was a back line). You would expect that bunching to not look as extreme if the lineover was nearer the end (shorter distance, fewer good lines to get past).
  2. FYI, here's what my lineover looked like on a Pilot 189. I'm sure it fully pinched in the middle, but hidden by adjacent cell fabric.
  3. The dropzone you will be jumping at almost certainly will have experienced licenced skydiving photographers for the jump portion of your experience (but call and ask to be sure). The DZ may or may not let you bring your own outside photographer for photographing the jump portion (if you find someone qualified who would be willing to do this for you) so ask about that too if you decide to bring your own. The DZ should be fine allowing an outside photographer to shoot ground scenes, but call about that too to be sure, and so that they can prepare for it (DZ's don't normally allow spectators to be out in the landing area, or near the plane). Happy wedding!
  4. Bump. (Because it is a very entertaining thread)
  5. Wasn't there a wingsuiter that survived a no pull when he crashed into trees? His vertical velocity may not have been typical free fall speeds, but total velocity speed must have been pretty fast; as was, I would guess, Connery's as well. (I would assume that Connery's speed can be determined from the video; did that ever get revealed?)
  6. An interesting story about a somewhat similar problem in the Airbus A330 from 10 years ago. A brutal experience, although fortunately they were able to land intact. But a case where the computer controls overrode the commands of the pilot. https://www.smh.com.au/national/i-ve-become-very-isolated-the-aftermath-of-near-doomed-qf72-20190514-p51n7q.html
  7. I google searched for "parachute found in Amboy was not from Flight 305 as it was too large at 34-feet in diameter", and first link was this (which contains the exact phrase): https://themountainnewswa.net/2012/05/14/the-hunt-for-db-cooper-looking-for-the-amboy-chute/ Does this help?
  8. I don't know any of the details about what went on (I'm just a skydiver mildly interested in DB Cooper), so excuse me if what I say is so obviously contradicted by the known details. But I'm curious why you assume he didn't use his own rig? I certainly wouldn't trust a rig given to me by the authorities if I were in his shoes, particularly when jumping into unknown terrain at night. Even if I could assume they wouldn't jimmie it so I had a total malfunction, they might make the parachute small, or with other defects, that would ensure a rapid descent and a hard, injurious, landing. And I would have also thought about a tracking device being hidden inside. So why ask for parachutes? Could be because he assumed they'd put in a tracking device, and he would toss that out 50+ miles from where he actually exited so that any search would focus on where he wasn't. And/or use some or all of the rigs or reserves to do the final descent of some of the load he was carrying. (What did he exit with, and how much did it weigh?) And a night jump into unknown and gnarly terrain with tall trees? He could almost be assured he'd be hung up in the trees: maybe extra rigs were for rope/lines, etc to help extricate himself. Anyway, just some thoughts
  9. Can I point out again that the pinned posts at the top of many sub-forums are long out of date. They are a distraction at best, and some make the place look really old and abandoned. For example, look at the pinned posts in the swooping and canopy forum. "CP 2014 event master"? "Post your picture threads" (all the threads linked in there haven't had any activity in many years)? Are these and any of the others worth the real estate they take up? In General Skydiving forum: the one on Skyride? Does anyone even remember what that is these days? The "Crowdsourcing" one? The "UPSA role in enforcing aircraft..."?
  10. Another analysis from a pilot and software developer. https://spectrum.ieee.org/aerospace/aviation/how-the-boeing-737-max-disaster-looks-to-a-software-developer
  11. A man goes to the doctor with his wife because she's acting odd, and after a barrage of tests, the doc says: "Well, it's either Alzheimer's or AIDS, and I can't tell which one." The guy says "Well, if you can't tell which one, what's your advice?" "Take her somewhere she's been before, and if she comes back, don't fuck her!"
  12. His explanation for taking the video down is in the first 6 minutes, the rest of the video is answering viewer questions submitted to him. Short answer is that he realized he was speculating about the cause of an accident that was still under investigation. (BTW, I find his videos go just as well at 1.5x speed)
  13. Well, my Google foo must be weakening, as it apparently led me to the 2018 version. So I stand corrected: it is "freefall jumps" now in the SIM (2019 version).
  14. Hmm, I didn't see that. I pulled up the online version of the SIM to check things, so if they did change the requirements, they haven't yet put it into the SIM.
  15. Ha! The latest issue of the Parachutist has a guy under a flaming canopy on the front cover! Apparently done at Z-Hills, so maybe ask them.
  16. Actually, the USPA A License requirement is for "25 jumps", not "25 free fall jumps". The SIM defines a "jump" as a "skydive", which in turn is defined as "The descent of a person to the surface from an aircraft in flight when he or she uses or intends to use a parachute during all or part of that descent." So even if your parachute was deployed before you left the aircraft (only recommended if you are jumping from an hot air balloon), it would still count. (And even if you bounce with all handles in place, it is still a jump (although you would never remember that))
  17. 30,000 ft per min is about 6 miles a minute, or about 360 mph when it hit the ground. I bet the airframe was a complete write-off.
  18. Google translate (in case anyone can help him, although someone probably should just point him to a German Skydiving site). Hello first good morning I am ayman. I also want to learn AFF how to go. Somehow I wanted to make course. I had parachuted jumps with me a couple of times but would rather jump alone. But I'm deaf, I do not know if it works or should not be. But I really want to make affic. Thanks would be nice if it works.
  19. The Fla panhandle would be a bit closer than Myrtle Beach, particularly from P-tree City. Destin or Fort Walton area are nice. It's the Gulf, not a ocean, but same thing, lol.
  20. Actually, if'n youse guys could periodically look in the forums and clear out the spam posts, I'd be happy with any version of the forum software. The sign of the death throes of a forum is when the spam takes over. It's not looking too healthy today.
  21. Particularly because of the larger font display size, it seems to me that getting rid of most of the "pinned" or "sticky" posts at the top of forums would help. On a desktop browser with the old format, I could see about 15 posts, so it was easy to see a lot of recently active posts below them. Now I can see far few, and have to scroll down. For example, in the General Skydiving forum, the "Skyride" post has long since become irrelevant, the "Crowdsources the DZ BS detector" was never (IMO) of any importance anyway, and god only knows why "USPA's role in enforcing aircraft maintenance issues (was - Incidents thread)" was ever pinned in the first place. IMO, clearing out some of this detritus would help.
  22. OTHO, the defendant likely would be the DZ, who would know plenty of "friendly" experts they could call on, so they would be unlikely to be sending out cold-call emails to find someone. I think this is almost certainly from a potential plaintiff's attorney.
  23. Maybe because dishonestly doesent come off as natural to everyone? T From my perspective it is called being a professional. I will not let any video out that does not hit my quality standards period, I would rather refund the money than put out a product I wasn't proud of. I personally wonder if he just gave it to the student and went on about his day, rather than bring it to the attention of the DZO and then the S&TA or DZO take appropriate action on retraining the instructor What was wrong with the quality of the video? Nothing as far as I can see. What *might* have been "wrong" is the technique of the TI revealed in the video (although we really need to wait for ChrisD2.0 to weigh in on that before we can be sure
  24. Well, about 21% of air is indeed oxygen, so strictly speaking that DZ was correct, oxygen does come out of the air vents. Our dropzone runs a 78% Nitrogen blend. The larger molecules are less subject to temperature related expansion and contraction. Air (dry) is already 78% nitrogen (and 1% argon, 21% oxygen). Each component follows the ideal gas law under any reasonable skydiving condition; molecular size is essentially irrelevant.