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  1. I don't own one but the Rylo looks interesting. Been tempted to get one and try it out. If anyone has experience with this camera I'd be interested in hearing opinions on it.
  2. Illinois Valley Parachute Club in Minier and Mid-America Sport Parachute Club in Taylorville are usually jumping weather permitting.
  3. I had a similar loss of interest around that many jumps. I think it's pretty common to have a "100 jump slump". I just couldn't get excited about going to the DZ and doing more belly jumps, and didn't have the mental fortitude to suggest trying other things. I ended up taking about 3 or 4 months off. I had to do some review and make a jump with a coach to get recurrent but didn't have any major safety concerns. As others have said, if you're not feeling like jumping don't jump. If you want to get back into it next season, you may have to do some review and a coach jump but that isn't a deal.
  4. I carry by gear (rig, helmet, wingsuit, etc.) in a big duffle bag and use a bungie mesh to strap it down on the passenger seat. I do have hard side cases as well for odds and ends. It's a bit unwieldy but works pretty well.