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  1. Thanks for this. They have certainly gotten more sophisticated since the last time I sold gear on this site a few years ago. I just had a guy ask me for dozens of photos of the rig I was selling, naming all the different parts correctly. Sounded like a skydiver. He even said he didn't want the AAD. We went back and forth until we reached a deal, but then he said he was in Columbia, jumped at Deland (Florida) when he had business trips to the US, and wanted the rig shipped to 'NJ'. He then sent me a deposit payment on paypal and said the rest would be sent the next day. I started asking questions at this point and eventually got nervous enough that I refunded his payment. I believe this was a super complex scam effort, so much so that I even apologized to him in case I was wrong. But reading this article plus the PayPal scam article in this forum I'm pretty sure I made the right choice. Be careful!
  2. Just got the exact same attempt from him trying to buy my container. He insisted on paying an extra $850 for me to forward to Western Union for his pickup agent. Not only is he a scammer but it appears he isn't very creative either.