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  1. I've got a 2004 I3 which has had a Smart 120 and Micro Raven 120 in the top at different times. Aerodyne say it's made for a Smart 110/120. I now want a bigger reserve and like the Optimum. However if the biggest Optimum I can fit in there is a 126 then it's not really worth the hassle of changing up from the 120 that's currently in there. So has anyone packed an Optimum 143 into an Icon I3? I'm a rigger and don't mind if it's a squeeze, as long as it's still safe. Thanks in advance. Wingin' It wingsuit school
  2. Hi there, I have 1700 jumps since 2000 but haven't jumped since July 08. I probably won't get to jump until around March 2010 now. I have BPA ratings and membership (AFF, static line, rigger, various coach quals) and a USPA licence and membership but no USPA ratings. If I do my first jump back in the States, would there be any currency requirements that I'd need to be aware of - anything like a check dive or going through EPs? I'm still an active instructor/rigger on the ground and tunnel fly quite a lot, if that makes a difference. I'm planning a couple of hundred jumps in the States and I'm just trying to decide whether it would be less hassle to get a few jumps in back home in the UK first, to avoid currency problems if there are any. Also the DZ I was planning on going to in the States will be Lodi, does that make a difference as it's non-USPA? Thanks in advance Wingin' It wingsuit school
  3. Also please remember that 200 jumps is the abslute minimum for jumping a WS, it doesn't mean that you WILL be ready at 200, it means that current, skilled jumpers MAY be ok at 200. If you've done 110 jumps in 3 years as per your profile then why not wait a little longer rather than rushing to do it as soon as you hit the magic 200? Wingin' It wingsuit school
  4. Too right! Liz (Head Bird of Wingin' It, jakee is one of my two wingmen...) Wingin' It wingsuit school
  5. Rolf is coming to Nethers this weekend, we're the next leg of his European Tour
  6. In a word, yes! Have had quite a few emails from people saying they'll be there, and my facebook status currently says something like "Liz is running a wingsuit weekend" so have had quite a few first timers contact me through that. Also the military Advanced Course has been running the last 2 weeks and they got me in as a coach for that so there's a few new flockers that did their first ones last week. I then left them with the suits (and strict instructions on who could jump them etc!) so some of those guys have probably got a handful of flights now... Wingin' It wingsuit school
  7. I have 2 BM Classics, 2 PF Prodigies, a PF Acro, a PF Vampire, and a Raptor and Apache by Tony suits. Unfortunately I don't have a demo Phantom but as Zoter says, many people at Nethers jumps them. Suit details and reviews are here: This weekend is a good time to come up, we have Rolf Brombach visiting with his BirdMan Tour so he'll have loads of demo suits too. Plus there'll be big-way flocking record attempts. Liz Wingin' It wingsuit school
  8. Waaah, I'm about 5 posts too late to say NETHERS!!!!! (what are you doing here anyway Macca, shouldn't you be on honeymoon?) Wingin' It wingsuit school
  9. ... and if you want a choice of BirdMan, Phoenix Fly AND Tony Suits wingsuits then come to NETHERAVON where I have all 3! You Sibson boys should come over when Rolf does in September... how about it? It's 21-23 Sep, the week after he goes to yours. Wingin' It wingsuit school
  10. Sorry but due to a mate's 4 way team needing a last-minute stand-in for a competition at another DZ, I won't be running any wingsuit stuff on 2-3 June. However 9-10 June has got about 8 flockers coming at least so let's divert attention to that weekend instead! Wingin' It wingsuit school
  11. Awww.... Never mind, have fun with the Sib boys, can't beat the Skyvan this weekend
  12. Jack's remembered that spot on (plus a Vampire but that's not a newbie suit!), for sizes and details etc of my demo kit, see here: Wingin' It wingsuit school
  13. Hi all, Mike Ehlas will be running wingsuiting at Nethers all day Saturday 26th May, mainly first flights and low experience coaching I think. He may stay around for some of the rest of the weekend but the forecast is only looking good for Sat so far so he'll be there from Friday night. Then I'll be doing it for 2-3 June and particularly 9-10 June, which is a practice weekend for the big ways in September. See website for more details and latest news! Liz Wingin' It wingsuit school
  14. Nethers is open to all, mil and civ, on Wednesday and Friday afternoons, sometimes even all day, call 01980 678250 closer to the time to find out what time they'll be starting on a particular day. Wingin' It wingsuit school
  15. Some of this info is already on here in different posts, but here is the newsletter that I just emailed to my mailing list. If you want to join it to keep updated of events then just pop me a line at [email protected] and I'll add you... Wingin' It wingsuit school