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  1. Net_Aviator

    Need advice on used gear

    He didn't answere you??? I'll bait this by saying he is about 120 Kilo's C That is my goal for 2014 for the moment my weight is around 80 kg depends on the snack I had the night before. Thank you all for the valuable information though you saved me from looking like an idiot showing up for my first jump with a 20 year old rig. I was thinking that after the first 8 jumps if pass them that I can go with my own rig.
  2. Net_Aviator

    Need advice on used gear

    Maybe I am trying to make plans way ahead instead of going step by step. Have read a lot of threads about the first rig and basically thats what everybody says. By investing in an old rig I thought I could save on gear rental and might be smarter then the rest.
  3. Net_Aviator

    Need advice on used gear

    The plan is to do the AFF in a couple of month and clock in as many jumps as possible in 3 weeks in spain. I know it's not a good idea to buy the rig in advance but like I said before I am tight on budget and jumping over 50 jumps in rental gear would cost me a lot. The other thing is even if I would wait until I have some jumps under my belt used beginner rigs are very difficult to find in the European market for the right price so I would end up buying something which is not perfect anyway.
  4. Net_Aviator

    Need advice on used gear

    Hi there, I am new to this sport and in the market for a used rig. Somebody offered me this for 600 Euro/900 $: Container: Teardrop 05/91 Main: Flight Concepts Clipper Sprint 195 "F111", 150 Jumps Reserve: Flight Concepts Fireflite 175 DOM 05/91, 0 Jumps AAD: Expired The condition looks pretty good to be honest the kit was not used for years so there are not many jumps on it. What extra cost for services do I have to budget? He told me I have to send the container to the manufacturer for inspection it supposed to be done every 5 years as well as a repack for the reserve if I want a new AAD. I might need to add that I want to jump in Europe (Spain, Uk, Germany). I know its old but at the moment I am tight on budget and would appreciate some opinions on this. Thanks