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  1. I've got my FS1 and now the world's my oyster. Except there's only so much I actually know how to do! I'm off to Florida for Xmas and be a jump hog for 2 weeks and get a load of experience (and boy I CANNOT wait!). And I've put my application in for the Search IV. Has anyone got any experience of this? Is it as good as it looks or would my money be best spent on a tunnel camp or Airspeed/XL camp? It looks fantastic but I wonder what the general feeling is?
  2. Why wouldn't you want your cypress on for a hop 'n' pop? If there's any liklihood of doing more than 78mph by the time you get to 750 feet surely it's worth having a cypress? My rough calculations are that you'd have to be popping at about 1500 for a cypress to not be worthwhile - is this what you mean by a 'low' hopn pop? Not having a go - just want to understand - I did my first hop n' pop on Sunday from 3500 and it was AWESOME so will be doing more!
  3. Hey John, I just checked the weather too and it's looking awesome! Have to be back in London tomorrow night but hopefully beers on me too this weekend. Roll on the FS1. Then we be REAL skydivers! l8rs
  4. Life is all about being as happy as you can be. If your're happy being single and jumping, cool. If your other half isn't willing to give you the time to do something you have such a passion for then she clearly doesn't want what's best for you. My ex said she thought it was sad that I'd rather go jumping and be single than be married and not jump. I don't think she understood how happy jumping makes you (she was a whuffo) - and that's what's really sad. Blue skies
  5. Poor skreamer! By the way anyone seen Dolly recently??????
  6. Anyone got any tips for packing soft openings into a PD 190? How many times should I roll the nose, if at all and should I push it right to the back or keep it in the middle?
  7. Doode, how'd the nationals go? ps: you know where to get a hacky?, we're short
  8. Blinky

    DZ Tunes

    me and my mate spent all of last summer charging up the motorway to the DZ singing loudly (if not tunefully) to Iron Maiden, and G'N'R (Lies and Appetite for Destruction)
  9. uh huh. Possibly one of the best jokes I've ever heard...... (or maybe not!)
  10. Does anyone know how I can update my jump numbers?
  11. so which pond you thinking about landing in? Hinton toilets?
  12. i've seen your arm but not your arm 'thing'???????
  13. But I am a flying mutant!
  14. yeah. great idea......
  15. My drinking club has a skydiving problem!