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  1. Not really into numbers but have done more than 7000 jumps out of a 172. What are numbers and aircraft type?
  2. Rover

    Sigma/Icarus/A2 mains

    It's been a while but my opinion is Hop plus turbulence equals death. 6ooo jumps on Icarus and they are bullet proof - bullet proof. Can't comment on the others cause I haven't jumped them.
  3. Rover

    tandem instructor course

    My personal opinion is that 500 jumps is not enough for gaining a tandem rating. I'm not sure what the rules are where you but I would suggest that you look at outside camera as a way of building jumps and observing the sort of shit the TIs sometimes have to deal with. I got my rating around 1400 jumps and have 6000 plus tandems currently. Cheers.
  4. Rover

    Stuffing into centre cells... wtf?

    If you listen the packer states quite clearly 7 sec into the video that the canopy is a Safire
  5. And why would you disconnect the RSL? Goes against any training I've ever had. If you are a TI I suggest you review your EPs.
  6. Rover

    Bail out from the TBM Avenger over Arizona
  7. That TI should not be doing tandems for a very long time - preferably never.
  8. Rover

    1000th Jump videos
  9. Rover

    Skydive New Zealand?
  10. Rover

    Tandem vid swoopware

    Have you contacted Mick at Swoopware. He will bend over backwards to sort it for you.
  11. Rover

    Helmets on students - good or bad?

    I think that students should wear soft helmets at all times and that all TIs should wear helmets as well. I'm sure there must be photos now of head injuries to TIs out there. Anyone got any to post?
  12. Rover

    Age of active TIs

    And who / how old are the youngest and oldest?
  13. Rover

    Age of active TIs

    When I started jumping in NZ the average age of a skydiver was around 28 and tandems weren't around. In 3 months I'll hit 50 and the other TI I work with is 48. Both of us intend to keep jumping until we can't anymore Just got me thinking, how old are TIs and are we a statistically aging group? 2 wrongs don't make a right - but 3 lefts do.
  14. Rover

    Choosing Vortex 2 Container Size
  15. Rover

    Night Tandems

    Not sure what the rules are in the US but in NZ it becomes 'night' 30 mins after sunset. Looked fine to me.
  16. I believe 'Pieces of Eight' had a relatively strong radar signature at times.
  17. Rover

    Sony Vegas/Tandem Vids help

    I'm a computer 'idiot' but I managed to set it up following the tutorials, but it wasn't the easiest process. Drop Mick (the guy who developed the software) a line - he is a great resource and will get back to you as soon as he can. If you want a copy of my template for a reference point I can get it to you through dropbox. Good luck, once you have got it sorted you will love it.
  18. Rover

    Setting the brakes on a Sigma

    Can't help ya - use Icarus mains
  19. I have in the past used UPT risers on an Eclipse rig. Don't know what the rules are in your part of the world - but in NZ the Eclipse was considered compatible with Vector parts.
  21. Rover

    Preparation for TI Rating?

    630 more jumps - 500 is not enough for a tandem rating
  22. Rover

    New Y mod on Sigma

    No real issues - I just leave the back strap loose otherwise it makes it more difficult for the punter to lift their legs on landing.
  23. Rover

    Para Hawking
  24. If everything goes wrong, the last thing up yor arse is going to be me.....
  25. Now this is funny - good luck with the rest of the replies!