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  1. There will be a Celebration of Life in honor of Nick Rouskey held at Skydive SW Florida on January 14th. For any questions please visit our facebook event page, Blue Skies Forever Nick!
  2. Just set up a deal with this guy then found out he isa fraud, haven't received a check yet, but will not send canopy and will take check to police department.
  3. Username => reyes213 Name => reyes renalydo FromEmail => [email protected] Here is my Address;21 Ry land Rd , London, NW5 3EA England,can i have your cell# so i can give you a call once i have gotten it sent. Here is mine cell# 44(704)-579-1359 ~~~~Same phone number, glad I did a little research on this guy before I sent anything out. I was going to wait for a check and it cleared anyways, but going to call him out. He refused to use paypal.
  4. Wear a hockey helmet, this offers a lot of cranial protection. just need to make a few modifications to the chin strap to hold it on better.