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  1. Roger that. I guess you are looking at it from knowing all the technically wizardry stuff and I am looking at it from a 'monkey see' kinda place. My point is basically that with close up fast moving action on a go pro (with its wide angle lense) something like the near arm of the handicam driver, moves a lot and real fast and so being one frame out actually stops the illusion from working 100%. Its a fairly minor thing, but I have found it is the difference between people going 'oh it kinda works' and 'f^%k... thats quite cool'. If the streams are a frame or two out then it is particularly noticeable on exit especially if there are a couple of somersaults. Its been fun playing with some of the different features on vegas, not as much fun as being in vegas however :)
  2. is that you with the mullet? nice hehe I guess I am talking about frame rate, shutterspeed hasn't really come into my thinking, I am guessing that if I a shooting at 60fps then shutter speed is going to be very fast. Does a gopro slow the shutter speed in low light? if so then both cameras are pointing the same way to they should adjust pretty much the same. I dont think I am too worried about shutter speed. my workflow is basically that I line up the two streams using an audio click (like you have said) and then fine tune them with a visual cue, because in my experience they are coming a couple of frames out and while it looks 'okay' it looks a whole lot better if i spend a couple of minutes doing it properly I'm definately not a pro at this but I am getting good results, although as I said a bit pointless really
  3. here is a video snap, very low res, dust off your old red green glasses, we have much better ones somewhere but this is the only one to hand
  4. I have made videos that are 1/10 of a sec out and they look bad, we are talking go pro here so it is a lot of close up fast moving stuff and the images get out of sync. 1/25 of a second out what I aim for. I have noticed that the shutters are out of sync so I can never be spot on, potentially up to half a frame which is in theory only 1/50 sec. I guess synced shutters is good for still but we just do screenshots out of the main movie, in fact printed 3d stills are a whole letter better/cooler than the 3d video. I guess if you're making a movie you have more time to edit etc. Just going from my observations, we used a click as a sync point and that sound carries over 2-3 frames, mainly that is close enough, but once we get into the thick of the close up action the frames are slightly out of sync and you lose the effect. only slightly, but it takes a split second to get it back and it sort of ruins the effect. it is a whole heap better if you spend a couple of minutes visually checking and shift one of the streams by a frame or two to get it perfectly aligned. Personally I am still unconvinced by 3d, if they ever make a tv set that allows mass viewing but doesnt need glasses then it will be a goer, but is that possible? i guess they can get to the moon so anything is possible To quote my favorite film critic 'think of your favourite film, would it have been any better in 3d?' the answer is probably no (unless your answer was avatar). There is definately a place for 3d, but hey there always has been, I remember watching nightmare on elm st, jaws, 3d comics and the new 3d tvs are certainly impressive, maybe once the price drops I will buy one. Still get the impression that hollywood largely sees 3d as a mixture of anti piracy and gimmickry. But Avatar did show us that it can be quite cool
  5. I wonder what are they expecting the 3d kit to add? I have seen the pictures of it online and apart from synchronising the start button I cant see why it is so revolutionary. we have knocked up a 3d camera a while ago from 2 go pros and it works real well, have output to red/cyan and also but much much better on hd 3d tv. We can process a 3d tandem video as quickly as a normal dvd but we don't think there is much of a market for it. There are a few major issues relating to the go pro cameras and close up stuff (ie tandems) but wide angle stuff works well with a camera flyer. To be honest though skydiving (except formation flying) is not that great in 3d because everything is either real close or real far away and 3d likes stuff at lots of different points in space, does that make sense? that clapping thing that was mentioned earlier doesn't work well enough for fast action, we found you can still be a frame or 2 off which ruins the effect also gives you a headache. its a funny thing 3d, we are still wondering if it is just a fad. the tandem videos we have produced are kinda cool but kinda pointless.