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  1. We usually jump at Kapowsin and have plenty of lightnings for you to jump. I am out til mid July but I will shoot you a PM next time we are headed out. Also you may want to get in touch with Spotty at Snohomish he iz a long time CRW jumper.
  2. I went through something similar a few weeks ago, but it was a CRW entanglement, not your standard malfunction. It spun me like crazy though. One thing I think you should think about that is much more important than G-forces, is where your handles will be during a spinning mal. I was spinning rapidly on my back, and my cutaway handle was up near my right shoulder. When I practice my handle pulls (multiple times before each jump), I close my eyes, follow my lift web up from my leg strap and find each one. This was invaluable while spinning on my back. After I chopped, my reserve handle (which was a pillow, and is being changed to a D handle) was floating behind me. I had to do the same thing, follow the lift web up from the leg strap to find it and pull. Since this was a CRW jump I had thick gloves on as well. If there is anything I can pass on it is that you should practice finding your handles with your eyes closed and not expecting them to be in their "normal" location. Just because my experience was a CRW wrap doesn't mean it could never happen to you; I know plenty of people who suck at tracking and you could very well end up next to someone at deployment time who sucks at tracking and has an off heading opening...
  3. I made the "best action sequence" but for me it wasn't exactly fun times! Wildest ride I've ever been on! Also, thank you Yuliya for getting my reserve packed so quick I only missed one load!
  4. I had a great time as well! Big thanks to Abbie for putting on such an awesome event. I'm hoping we can get some folks back there in October for some CRW. It was great grabbing nylon with friends, the locals were friendly (very!) when we landed out, and the DZ was super nice. Thanks for such a fun time.
  5. Log those jumps! I just had a ball reading back through big-way CRW craziness from 1999/2000 in an old logbook. I'm so glad I logged those jumps. You may not think it is important now but a few years from now you will be glad you did.