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  1. I have ~250 jumps on my Pilot7 147 and recently got a chance to demo a Horizon 170. Only got one jump on it (together with my Freak 2), but the opening was just as nice as expected, which is basically the whole point of the canopy. Fast, but not uncomfortably so, super straight on heading opening. Flying the canopy felt sort of like flying our student Navigator 260's. Toggle response was super soggy and it generally just flied extremely docile. The flare was great though, I certainly didn't have any issues landing it. Compared to the Pilot7 it's just what you would expect, it opens better but has a lot less performance. It's probably better than the Pilot7 if you only jump big wingsuits or have two canopies, but I will stick to my Pilot7 since it feels like a better match for mixing wingsuit jumping with belly and freefly jumps. Again, I only did one jump on the Horizon, so take all of this with a grain of salt, but I figured i should at least share my opinion. I had a really hard time finding any useful info when i bought my Pilot7, so knowledge sharing seems like a good idea.
  2. This is a weird thread... Highly experienced wingsuit pilots (like the Squirrel coaches) don't fly Epicene and Horizon because they don't know how to properly deploy their canopies, they do it because the openings are a lot better than on regular canopies, especially high performance canopies. I personally used to jump a Pilot for wingsuiting but bought a Pilot7 after doing a number of jumps on large wingsuits since the openings left quite a bit to be desired. I would say both the Epicene and Horizon are better for wingsuit specific purposes, but they are certainly no beasts when it comes to canopy performance. The Pilot7 and WinX are a nice middle ground if you don't want to have two canopies. Personally I would never jump a HP canopy with a bigger wingsuit, probably not with a small one either. I don't jump wingsuits to do an awesome swoop, I jump wingsuits to fly the wingsuit.
  3. This might be true to some extent, but that doesn't really apply to skydiving. You're probably not going to miss a bear running towards you in the woods, but it's most certainly possible to not see a glider cruising along a couple of kilometers under and away from the aircraft you're about to leave.
  4. The statements "Airtec doesn't give you all the info because of IP" and "I encourage you to learn everything about your AAD" really clashes. Either we learn how the units work through information shared by the developers or we assume they work based on how the unit has performed historically. I personally am not very interested in getting the WSC based on what I know (which is almost nothing, although I may admittedly possibly have missed months of information regarding the unit) + its history which doesn't exist. I was also pretty surprised when they started promoting the unit by showing footage of Roberta Mancino. Until they actual tell us how this unit works I see no reason to get it. If anything I would feel less safe with it than a regular Cypres 2. If there are any discussions with more information about this unit I'd very much appreciate links to them. The only thing I can see in the gears forum is a thread which is as dead as this thread, and has been since July (when I was apparently the last poster there). I really hope Airtec does tell us what this unit actually is supposed to do, otherwise there is a big chance I'm going to buy another AAD when my current Cypres is EOL.
  5. Any impressions? I'm thinking about buying one as well, but there is sadly little feedback to go by (and getting a demo canopy shipped to Sweden is super expensive :/).
  6. Ah, sweet. I was just bad at searching I guess. Thanks!
  7. Is it possible to edit a classified post you've made? I want to lower the suggested price on a WS I have up there, but I can't find any way to change it.
  8. Maybe I'm misreading this statement somehow, but I don't think the audible would ever communicate that the mode switch has taken place if it hasn't actually got an acknowledgement from the Cypres. If the audible detects that canopy flight has been initiated, it should tell the Cypres that this is the case, and the Cypres needs to respond that it has changed mode before the audible says anything at all. Of course, this is just speculation. I asked Airtec about how the mode change would happen on facebook when they posted the "technical" video for this product, which contained no technical information at all. They responded by saying they will give more technical information when the product is on the market. Not really sure who they are trying to get excited about this product without any information whatsoever..
  9. I got a semi stowless bag for my Vector 350 about 70 jumps ago. The only thing I can say about it is that I am assuming that in 10 years time every manufacturer will provide stowless bags as default, and everyone will wonder why the hell people used ~8 rubbed bands on their bags for so long.
  10. I've had the mount for my G2 for ~100 jumps, and I'm very pleased with it. I had it knocked 90 degrees sideways on a jump, but there was far from any risk of losing the camera, and I would much rather take that force out on two rubber bands than on my neck. I really can't say anything bad about it, it seems to be the best mount option for G2/G3 helmets by far (which is why I bought it in the first place).