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  1. I have a handful of co-workers that I've been arguing with about skydiving being a sport. All in good nature, of course, they want me to prove that it is. They say skydiving is not a sport. I say it is. We've brought up the following so far: I say we compete in skydiving, therefore it's a sport. They came back with American Idol is competition, and it's not a sport. You can compete at beer drinking, but it's not a sport. They say if it's not on ESPN, it's not a sport. I say it was on ESPN X Games. They say skydiving would be considered a game then, or a hobby, or an outdoor activity. But ESPN does call skydiving a sport, does it not? They say can you bet on skydiving? I said I'm sure somewhere bets go on. They say it's not a sport. They say are there stats on wins/losses? They say are there stats on who broke their leg this week? I say yes there are stats online for competitions. No stats for broken legs. I'm trying to prove but I'm losing on the argument because I don't have time to formulate a complete answer. Anybody have any free time on their hands to prove skydiving is a sport? Compare it to football, baseball, etc. Frisbee football they say it's a sport too, but playing catch with a frisbee is not a sport. Another point that got brought up that if you can sit and watch it, it's a sport. I say you can watch jumpers. They also say physical activity does not make it a sport either. It's a fun debate with people who really don't think it's a sport. I don't take it personally. But skydiving is a sport dammit.
  2. hey the weather's not so great here either so don't feel so bad arvel. nobody's skydiving right now. it's currently a steady pour with thunder. (it's killer when the sound bounces off the mountain though) aloha brother, tell the family aloha too. we miss you guys. flyhi. rent is $150 a day, you're staying 3 nights? mom stays for free. I remember watching brad do a vertical fly by. That was funny.
  3. if you asked gravitysurf808, I should be reading the third book of Lord of The Rings to be ready for next year's movie. But, I ordered The Parachute Manual Vol I & II because I want to learn to rig, so that's what I will be reading. Other than that, dz.com forums. And a little bit of the Bible. And my e-mail. And Christmas cards. And online troubleshooting Win2k and XP for my local users.
  4. beautiful pic!! but...er...uh...is that your wind flag? I'd have such a hard time reading that under canopy. Is so skinnie minnie.
  5. both....but I would wish for a longer freefall. nothing better than to fly with other people near and dear to you and then track away to a great deployment and breathtaking canopy ride down. ..partly why I'm here on this earth for..what?..skydiving? YES I am.
  6. grrr...I hate it when your local dealer can't handle the supply and demand. Just kiddin. Give them the benefit of the doubt. They should have let their customers know, I agree, maybe they've got a lot going on that's taking their focus.
  7. only Motorcross....when I lived in Michigan 10 minutes away from Red Bud Trail. Jeremy McGrath was so high in the air..it's awesome watching that from on top of the hill looking up at his bike hanging in the air for a moment. It was an "awe" moment. As in, I wish I could do that....and not fsck it up.
  8. uh, no. (thankful) But I can hear her TV every night and even be able to mute my TV and use her audio if we're watching the same channel.
  9. That is so cute. Your family is very creative. And your dad rocks. I'll have to hint to mine to buy me jump tickets next year.
  10. that's why I manually masterbate caged animals for artificial insemination. my fav movie of all time. still makes me laugh.
  11. I've tried lucid dreaming, even have a book on it. I've never been able to accomplish it, and stopped trying. Eh, why dream it when you can make your dreams reality? Just a thought. But, the one thing I did learn from someone in the past, and I don't know if it's true or not, but I was told there is a documented (book, I wanna say?) experience that seven scientists were able to share a lucid dream together. It sounded like bs, but what the hell, I'll share the rumor.
  12. my fav part was when the elf and the dwarf were keeping a count of how many they killed so far. and I'm not even a gamer, but that was hilarious.
  13. so sad...sorry to hear that...it's like losing a family member, at least to me. I treat pets better than some of my family members. it's just the unconditional love part. know that's bad. I'm sorry to hear that Jackson was euthanized.
  14. Sebazz, where are you on this thread? dude, I know you have good advice. as for me, I sooo am ready to quit. but my question is for the quitters and the ones that want to quit.....how do you deal with stress? when stress comes along, I am weak....admitting it (I hope) is not being in denial, but being honest. What else to you look towards or lean on for stress in your life? exercise? is that the cure all?
  15. !!! any boobies are good boobies. you should know that after reading posts here at dz.com. life is short, do what makes you happy, but I have to second or third or fourth that, for pete's sake, please don't sell your rig for boobies!! my gosh, sister, we're talkin about skydiving here.