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  1. Sorry for the delay. It's going from Vegas to Korea. I looked at UPS I think and it got mad at me for trying to ship a heavy box. I have internet access now so I would think research should be easy. Right?
  2. i'm about to leave the country for a year and i want to take my chute with me. it could have gone with all on my house stuff, but i wouldn't have it for the boogie this weekend. does anyone know where i can look for advice on what i need to know to ship my rig, or costs and time lines. any help would be appreciated. thank you
  3. as i type i am waiting on a reply from bonehead. good thinking on the upholstry shop. it wouldn't have rang my bell. if i can't get anything from bonehead, i know where to take a peek. thanks
  4. does anyone know of any companies that offer custom helmet liners? i have a bat rack(or at least that's what i think it is. it looks like a bat man helmet) and the liner on the inside is pretty trashed. i'm looking to totally re do the interior. any one know of someone that can re do it? i'm looking to completely re do the interior. any help is appreciated.