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  1. adagen

    Delayed Reaction Tunnel Injury

    You hurt something, the muscles round it contract to protect it and you start using your body differently. Then that hurts and you start using another part of your body differently - builds up into a worsening spiral of problems. Painkillers mask the problem which sometimes helps you get proper movement back but not always. A good sports physio can look at what you are doing and tell you what you need to do to correct it. Then all you need to do is stick with what the sports physio tells you to do and eventually you'll either resolve the root cause of the problem, or identify that it's a problem needing surgery. Find yourself a good sports physio.
  2. adagen

    Wind Tunnel Shoulder Injury

    It's not uncommon to pull shoulder muscles by reaching for the door rather than flying right up to it before you grip the edge. If you think about it, you can go backwards by stretching your arms forward and that's exactly what happens if you grab for the door rather than flying up to it. You put your body in a position where it tries to move backwards and at the same time you try and stop it by gripping the door. Can't advise on how it would affect you when jumping but if you have ongoing problems I would suggest seeing a doctor or physiotherapist.
  3. Why not send them an email saying you're planning AFF and ask what they recommend? Have a look at their training packages - these aim to teach you to fly your body in freefall, which is a good start. You can also get AFF specific training in a wind tunnel, which covers a bit more. You might be able to get that training from a tunnel instructor, or they might be able to put you in touch with someone. Or have a chat with your father. If he's taking part in a tunnel camp there may be someone there who could give you the training you want.
  4. Where in Europe are you studying and what is your budget?
  5. adagen

    Slow Tunnel Tricks

    Out of curiosity, why is a front flip dangerous? Is it lack of space? I would have thought a back layout was more risky. Have you tried 'dozing off'? On your back with legs crossed and hands behind head. Semi on your side with arms pillowing head. And if you can get enough lift, there's the T - like bellyflying but with one leg vertical.
  6. adagen

    Winter Project-Making my own FF suit

    Thoughts from someone who hates sewing! Learn to use the machine well. Learn about measuring and fitting - maybe a tailoring focus would be better than a more general class since fit is more important. If you don't already have views on the subject, learn about the properties of materials, and how that affects the properties of FF suits. Even consider apprenticing yourself to someone who makes suits. If you're naturally good at this sort of thing you might be able to produce something reasonable quite quickly. Personally, I'd be thinking of suit production as a business opportunity before putting in the time and money I'd need to learn to sew well enopugh, but that's me. Good luck with the project!
  7. adagen

    UK Jumper

    Don't forget to allow for import taxes
  8. adagen

    Skydiver flying with Whuffo in tunnel?

    Talk to a manager at the tunnel, preferably just after you've flown there. Then they'll know that you're capable of flying in the confined space of the tunnel without bumping off the walls or burbling yourself or your friend or the instructor. the tunnel management has a duty to ensure that people who fly there are safe, and my guess is that they will be more receptive to the idea if they know a little about your current abilities.
  9. adagen

    AFF tracking