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  1. Copying this from FB but: "I have a V5 with a Race legwing and after getting curious and taking off the fins today - whilst the suit isn't really that difficult to fly without them, anyone saying the fins are a gimmick/aren't a noticeable deserves laughter or an education on the matter - If you don't believe me, I bet you also haven't tried it ;) It basically turns a serious suit in to a suit that feels like a Phantom in context of handling. Very, very excited to try the fins on my Viper in a week or two to see how much a VERY intense suit can be tamed by 2 little aluminium blades." Really does make the suits easier AND more agile to fly. Am going to be trying some hard turns in BASE environment soon over a line I've done multiple times to contrast.
  2. You'd buy a suit based on lead times and customer service? Strange priorities... I can't comment on the Funk but actually have the original Havok (1st one ever made at that!) and it is such a pleasure to fly. Except a carve, I don't think I'll ever order another suit for flocks/aeros/load organising jumps, and have never heard anyone say anything short of how incredibly easy it is to fly on it's back (and not only easy - but with great performance). Can't recommend it enough, and the carve being already an improvement on this...
  3. A friend of mine is going out to Spain soon to do his first flight course, I think he's going Empuria... if you meet anyone wingsuiting from Headcorn chances are that's him! Have a blast mister : )
  4. I see, thanks for the info... Like 1st reserve ride ever, I'm glad it's happened for just that reason.
  5. Not sure I'd call it a directional turn, it was more like a 'spin the bottle' style spin. Felt like it was 'on an axis' almost. Just sharing my little experience :) and thanks for the coaching Jarno, had an utterly fantastic time! Hope to see you about again soon.
  6. Hola all. Had my first ever flat spin yesterday, enduced by someone swinging me upon letting go in a chest strap hanging rodeo. (I think it can be done but preferably with someone lighter than my bro...) Anyway, the reason I'm posting is to share a simple recovery technique - I tried to dive out, didn't feel much change, tried streching my leg wing to no avail, whilst I did not try balling up the approach I used stopped a VERY fast spin in a very short period of time - I've seen some videos of flat spins such as this - where it looks very 'verticle barrel roll' like - I'm not sure if my approach will work on these but if the spin is truely flat (you are face to earth the whole time) using the FS style 'side slide' technique of digging a knee in with an elbow (And thus cupping air against the direction of the spin using the arm wing, really catching the air with the wing, I'm not sure if the knee was actually doing much as the arm was definitely slowing it down most but it just felt natural) worked very quickly. I'm sorry if that seems like an obvious approach but I've not ever heard or read of anyone saying about this approach (it always seems to be ball up, arch or dive) and it worked better for me than arching/diving attemps (though I can't comment on the balling up though I imagine it'd be very hard to do at such speed of rotation). Safe jumping all!
  7. Some piccys. Jokke Sommer has just got his so I'm sure he'll put a video up some time soon as well. Anyone know why it's not been released yet? Sounds like the design is finished, I don't know if stuff changes around the factory when a new suit comes out/how long that takes to implement/whatever...
  8. Above is spot on. Met Tony at Zhills a few weeks back (One of our local instructors is friends with Tony) and was lucky enough to see his one, it sounded like he still had a few things to sort on it/test but it looked pretty impressive :)