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  1. The free GPS viewer on the Paralog web site and of course Paralog itself. My Logbook
  2. My Logbook
  3. Correct. So you better fly straight ;) On classes - as Jarno said. My Logbook
  4. Results of some test jumps with FlySights here. My Logbook
  5. And in that time, the batteries will need to be chanrged 30 times! There, fixed it for you. My Logbook
  6. How about this interactive 3D view? Interactive chart with data displayed alongside linked to a cursor in the 3d view. [inline Paralog®_Online_GPS_Viewer_3D.jpg] 'Plain' chart updated as well with data display and interactive chart editing. [inline Paralog®_Online_GPS_Viewer_Chart1.jpg] [inline Paralog®_Online_GPS_Viewer_Chart2.jpg] [inline Paralog®_Online_GPS_Viewer_Chart3.jpg] Enjoy, Klaus My Logbook
  7. > But will the graph show your horizontal speed, vertical speed etc.? Good question, need to check. > Never really understood what kind of speed it is GE shows in the graph, but it's not correct. Yeah, realized the same thing. My Logbook
  8. You can still turn on the height profile... My Logbook
  9. So basically the same effect as overlaying data points with the track... This could actually be worth a try for the online viewer. I'm still waiting for user feedback on what kind of numbers are interesting, though - Simon? [inline ParalogTrack.png] My Logbook
  10. No elevation profile in the GE plugin, unfortunately :-( [Edit (and moved over from previous post)]: This looks like a viable approach for an online viewer. Could be linked to these as well. ;-) My Logbook
  11. Fusion Tables? Have been playing with these a bit recently. Far from releasing something, though. My Logbook
  12. Sorry for the confusion. The previous mail was not completely serious - the link pointed to Which numbers are you looking for exactly? My Logbook
  13. > Can't wait for V2 with some data readouts... :-) Actually, this is already available here My Logbook
  14. For the record: The loop was not cut! Lesson learned: Two-Handed Cutaway = Bad My Logbook
  15. ;-) My Logbook
  16. Anyone coming to the event and not having a FS mount on his helmet - please bring a pack of 4*AA batteries. My Logbook
  17. Simon, Performance Competitions are listed on PPC as well. Feel free to mail additions... Klaus My Logbook
  18. Both documents mention this information is spread through NOTAMs, so the pilots shoudl know. The questions is how far in advance... My Logbook
  19. This document also mentions tests in Fort Irwin, CA affecting GPS in a 123 NM RADIUS OF POSITION: 35 26 35.2N; 116 38 56.1W (112nm NNE of Elsinore) 15 SEP 11 – 29 FEB 12... My Logbook
  20. You can always email me suspicious files - I might learn something from them... There is a parameter in the FS settings to not log data points when the accuracy is below a certain threshold - even if the unit has afix and gives audible feedback - see one of the FS threads here. Michael and I have agreed to do this filtering in the future in a post-processing step in Paralog, though. My Logbook
  21. This could very well be the reason and would fit my suspicion of jamming. This could also explain why the units worked on side of the plane and not on the other. Was this maybe the side pointing to Crystal lake? [Edit: From what Lurch describes (Signal was lost on the way up and re-aquired ont the way down): Is it possible the mountains were actually shielding the jamming signal?] Does anyone know what kind of tests were performed? From the description it definitly sounds like jamming tests. Maybe someone wants to let the Army know how succesful they were? ;-) FYI - the same units have worked flawlessly before without repeaters (which are absolutely unnecessary in normal jump planes like Otters, SkyVans, Caravans, etc.) and AFAIK Spot used the FS in Elsinore before without any problems as can be seen on PPC. On the comments that there might be better units out there I think I can speak for Michael when saying the FS has the most modern receiver available on the consumer market: a u-blox 6 module. @Sam [Edit: Mig]: Is there a public link for thess outage informations? Might be worthwhile to put it up on PPC... [Edit: - I see it's already up there] Klaus [Edit: 150nm from the Elsinore to the coordinates given] My Logbook