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  1. Thanks for the question! The bulkier FS suits will fit, but most likely not in the designated suit compartment. The extra large grippers make it especially tough. That being said, I have tested the main compartment with FS suits and had no problem fitting them. This may limit your ability to carry more items on longer trips, but for the essentials it still works perfect. If you have any other questions throw them my way! Nolan
  2. Hey guys! Check this out! It's made for tunnel flyers but I take it to the drop zone too. If you like it, help me bring it to market!
  3. Hey guys! Check this out! It's made for tunnel flyers but I take it to the drop zone too.
  4. thats interesting! I have looked and looked and never found anything even remotely similar, which is what led me to build this. If you can find out who and what it was let me know! I'd love to see :-) Due to the materials used and the detail put in, this particular model will be slightly more expensive, but worth every penny!
  5. Hey guys check out this new backpack designed specifically for skydivers and tunnel flyers! Designed to hold -Helmet -suit -shoes -camera gear -water -laptop -misc. I will be starting a kickstarter soon and would appreciate any support you can give! Keep an eye out for updates and information.
  6. I am still new to wing suiting and have a lot to learn and wanted to hear some thoughts on pitching. So there are 2 basic body positions (that I have observed) when pulling. The first (we'll call it the skydiver way) is where the wingsuiter collapses their leg and arm wings while pulling to aid the PC in catching clean air. Then there is the flat version (we'll call it the BASE way) where the pilot is in full flight and flairs their suit before pitching, but leaves the suit fully inflated. Ive made the assumption that it is only larger suits that use the second technique, perhaps due to glide ratios and that position of the burble. I understand that in the BASE environment minimal loss of altitude is ideal so of course full flight makes more sense. My question is whether this is a method that could/should also be used in skydiving (where the canopies and the PC is smaller) And is this method ideal when using containers that do not have bottomless corners like BASE rigs? Im open to any thoughts, observations, opinions that you all may have.