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    In Soviet Russia, Space explores You! Oh wait, they're not soviet anymore...
  2. Not sure if seriously want to go for CRW or just joking.... I'll assume the first, with a little dash of the second. In that case: Always good to see someone wanting to try out CRW. However, I strongly doubt it can be done by yourself. If you want to learn it together with a buddy (neither of you experienced), my advice would be to start slowly, make sure you have similar canopies/wingloads and fly proximity to each other. However, since a lot can go wrong when doing CRW docks, I'd rather suggest to get some coaching. It'll cost more, but you learn MUCH more than spending the same money on jumps without a coach. Mind you, I'm a CRW-puppy (at around 20 CRW jumps, most with a coach), so people like (for example) CaTo are much better qualified to give advice =)
  3. And always better than being carried for 2 yards. Also, the low turns. I've had quite a few times where I needed a 90 degree low turn (~200ft) to avoid a ditch or tree or stuff. It was my fault for getting into that situation in the first place, but the skill to get out is indispensable! I'm glad I learned that during my first canopy control class (and re-iterating the value of coaching).