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  1. QuoteTom: "Some things can be indicative of a lack of attention to detail without being life threatening. It's important to pay attention to those "gentle" reminders, because in BASE, eventually the reminders will stop being gentle." Tom, another reason why I like your input! Joy [email protected]
  2. Greetings all! Definitive answer: A tailgate is at the end of a pick-up bed. You open it, put down a blanket, lay down, focus your camera,put on your head phones to Pink Floyd and wait for your cell phone to vibrate, then shoot. Newer memories for sure! Joy PS. On vacation for a bit, back to the numbers in about 10 days. [email protected]
  3. I just saw it. Twice. Care to guess how much time has elapsed? [email protected]
  4. My first jump at New River in 82 was using a piglet skydiving container with 2 rubber bands as loops where I just pinched the bridal into both loops. Only difference is it was freefall so I had a pilot chute and it was just as simple. Rick H [email protected]
  5. I still have the foto from 6 yrs ago of your daughter displaying her tattoos on your visit to me in Europe. take care, space Quote Noticed my new avitar? Whose your Daddy? [email protected]
  6. Good one! What speed was the vehicle going when you jumped? How much affect did the forward momentum have? Keep having fun!!! Joy [email protected]
  7. JOY

    BASE#38 the Fed

    Thanks guys. Sort of scary knowing I can sleep late Monday or get up early and ride my bicycyle on Galveston Seawall after 30 years of climbing over my brother's passed out body and Rick Payne's since I had to go to work after a 3 AM BASE jump while they slept on my floor for 10 hours. I told Randy's wife to make a spot for me outside their bedroom so my brother will have to climb over my passed out body to go to work. Pay Back is a bitch.. Payne called me at 1 AM Thursday just to make sure he could wake me up in the middle of the night before my last day of work.. I know my new ACE 280 is going to get more of a workout since it lands these old broken bones like a feather. Now I doh't have to worry about my job, we may even get back in the Building business. Nick, I'd love to have you come to Houston so we could check out the old dropzone downtown that Smitty, Kevin and I used to haunt in 82 to about 87.. Hell, I even cliimbed a 1700 footer a few weeks ago so I'm ready to enjoy retirement with bikes, canopys and kayak. We've had some good times at New River. Remember the floods 10 feet over the sandbar when John and Chris Dargon couldn't even contract witih the boats so you and I and and Jean voted to give the permit back to the NPS that year. Remember the Chief Ranger told Redfunn they wouldn't bust us if we made good faith efforts to hit the winding road to the bottom as they didn't have jurisdiction then over the roads. What a circus, the tree landings were a blast to watch and Chief Ranger Blake was even impressed that we could do that shit without getting hurt too badly. The great old days. We're not done yet are we buddy? Rick [email protected]
  8. JOY

    BASE#38 the Fed

    Hi people! After 30 years as a federal attorney, Rick retired today. We are going to party hearty tonight, and Saturday night and Sunday night and Monday night and Tuesday night and......... Congrats Hon, I am so proud of you!!!! [email protected]
  9. JOY

    Inked Baby

    Christopher, Donkeyshit very much! [email protected]
  10. JOY

    Inked Baby

    Space, the tattooed baby is the greatest piece of artwork I've seen since the Mona Lisa. It's pure genius. Thanks Spacey (Yoda)! Chris 460 [email protected]
  11. JOY

    Inked Baby

    Didn't work, more tomorrow from the rocket scientist. [email protected]
  12. My first thought was "herding cats".......... [email protected]