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  1. Many thanks for all your help again. I did ask for a breast exhibit at the end of the study however the ethics comity vetoed that one, thats committees for you! no sense of humor. I think there is an indicator somewhere telling you how many pages left, however my ability with computers negates anything to good from happening. Again many thanks. A summary of results will be posted here when the study is complete (a long time and many brews, tears and breakdowns away yet). Miles
  2. Dear all, I sympathize with your frustrations in relation to these type of studies, it appears you as skydivers have been done to death with them. This study is a validation of a new measure, which involves people answering the new one alongside older measures, hence the long winded nature of it. The questions themselves I have nothing to do with and I agree they do go on a bit. This study, once complete will be of little interest to any of the people who took part in it, they will simply be helping consolidate something which can be used more purposefully in the future. I am aware of several studies which have used skydivers as their main study population recently, I shall do what I can within my (very minimal) powers to have the studies disseminated down to the people who took part, which seems only fair to me. Again, sorry to use you guys as a 'risk' population again, it seems academics haven't been the most forthcoming in explaining things. If however you do have a spare ten mins and can stomach the tedium of another questionnaire I would very much appreciate it if you could complete the study. I will make sure the results (although a long way off) are made public to the people who took part. If you would like to contact me directly regarding this study please do: [email protected] Many thanks Miles Hill
  3. Dear all, I am currently gathering data for my 3rd year research project at Bangor University, the study looks at people's attitudes and behaviors in sport, specifically, higher risk sports. If you are 18 or over and have been involved in skydiving for 3 years or more and have a spare 10/15 minuets, your contribution would be greatly appreciated. Please follow this link to complete the survey: If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact me at [email protected] Many thanks in advance. Miles Hill.