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  1. For students the flaring usually starts at about your body length from the ground. Don't know if it's different with tandem progression though. We don't have that in SA. With AFF and Static Line Progression an instructor is on the ground showing the student when to turn and flare with batons. It works pretty well.. IF the student is watching the baton man. They sometimes forget.. and then they end up in a tree somewhere in town. :) In the end, if you're skydiving you're gonna get hurt some time, just sucks that it happend on your first jump. Now rest the foot and get back in the air!
  2. We do have an equivalent to the good Samaritan laws. And I tried explaining this to them but they still felt the responsibility the club held is then too big. Responsibility versus saving a persons life. It wouldn't have taken the ambulance 45min to get there because of distance. But in SA you tend to wait for an ambulance for quite some time. Do you clubs have any policies on First Aid?
  3. I have a level 2 First aid (south african) and think that every skydiver should at least do their countries equivalent of a level 1. It might not be much but you definitely learn how to save someone's life by doing small things. And being on a DZ at one or another time you are going to need that knowledge especially if you are in a area where an ambulance won't get to you quickly. Our DZ is right next to a small town, but with our last incident (broken femur as far as I remember, I wasn't present the day) they waited 45min for an ambulance. So it was because of this that I suggested we have all our people to at least a level 1. The response I got was quite something I wasn't expecting. The suggestion was shot down on the reasoning that "if something should happen to a person and someone from the club helps them, the club is then responsible for that person. If the helper then did something wrong the injured person could turn around and blame the club" So basically they would rather have their people not know how to do anything to save their own asses when someone gets hurt.. Someone have a few thoughts on this? I would like to reintroduce the idea to the committee.
  4. I have 50 jumps on my Sabre2 (170) now and it really is a very fun and easy canopy to fly. It flares well, lands well and handles well in strong wind. I have a wing loading of 1.16. It's a great canopy for beginners and if you're becoming a more advanced canopy pilot it is possible to build up that extra speed to put your skills to the test. I do have a problem with off heading openings usually 90 degrees and in both directions. It might also be the way I pack but I see some others are having the same problem. Also my end cells take a long time to inflate if left alone, but pump those brakes once or twice and they open without a problem. All round a very nice canopy with the pros outweighing the cons by far.
  5. Practice Practice Practice!. Getting tunnel time in while your still a student is awesome! I'm in South Africa, we don't have a tunnel here. I'm on my B license now and no tunnel time. Remember to keep that head up and look at he horizon. If you head is up you body goes into an arch naturally. Also don't try and fight the air. let it shape you. But speak to your instructors dude. They will know where you are going wrong. P.S don't get downed by failing levels a couple of times. it's all part of learning process. Safe!
  6. Howzit man! Getting an A license sounds good, but you can't let it stop there! I'm from CT. Just got my B License! If you want some info on when and where and how email me. [email protected] Blue Skies! Ruan
  7. So I'm looking for a full face helmet and interested in the RAWA RW. I don't know or have ever seen anybody jumping it but coming from RAWA I'm sure that is has to be a good helmet. Does anyone have some information on it or suggestions for other full face to look at?
  8. cool thanx, I'll go look at that then before I go any farther.
  9. Surely will speak to my instructors... just thought it would be a good thing to post on here and get lots of opinions. Quality wise, what brands should I be looking at?
  10. I'm a student (almost have my A) and looking to buy my first rig. Word is that I should rather buy second hand and not new yet. What gear should I be looking at in this early stages?