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  1. So I made a couple of FF dives last weekend. We were exiting HD and transitioning to a sit after we got off the hill. Anyways, before transitioning I wanted to try and fly a little HD unfortunately I seem to keep flying on my back instead of a vertical position. On film it looked like I was bending a little at the waist. (looked like you would cup for a track) Any helpful hints on how I can straighten this out into the vertical? Thanks. J YSD#0009
  2. Clownburner, Even though you don't want to spend the $ I would still talk with Chris Fiala. Explain your concerns to him and I'm sure that he will help you out. He runs the Elsinore Eclipse FreeFly school and is a totally chill guy. Look him up. He should be the one walking around in a purle and yellow freefly suit with the dreadlocks. J YSD#0009
  3. Does anyone know if you can still order a new slider? If so, from where? J YSD#0009
  4. Mark, Nice email. I totally agree with you this is a bunch of BS. They are just starving for ratings right now and think that they can boost their advertising revenue because it's sweeps week. It's a shame that they tried to do it at the expense of great DZ. Jensen J YSD#0009
  5. LOL, now that's just plain mean. J YSD#0009
  6. Just out of curiosity do the #'s you are quoting account for population differences/densities?
  7. It really isn't that big of an issue for me, just curious. Personally, though I don't like the idea of people walking around the woods with guns that haven't had some sort of formal training/instruction, or haven't been doing it for a very long time. I've run into a couple of these people and have actually been shot at, accidentally, by some idiot plinking away without knowing his backdrop. J YSD#0009
  8. Oh ok. I can't say I've ever heard that before, in my class or out, but I'll take your word for it. Hey what's the deal with Hunter Safety courses these days? I heard that they will not give "any one, regardless of age" a hunting liscense anymore unless they either 1. Had a liscense previous to the new regs. or 2. Have taken a hunting safety course. Is this true? (Seems like a pretty good idea to me.) Of course I live in Washington so maybe it's different here than other states. J YSD#0009
  9. I don't quite follow. What do you do, beat them over the head with it. J YSD#0009
  10. Whatever you do, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, buy a jeep. They are just about the most unreliable SUV there is. Yep, they are awsome in the snow, dirt, mud, whatever but once you get about 100,000 miles forget it. It's all down hill from there. I'm speaking from experience. I made the mistake of owning a '87 Jeep Cherokee and then my brother made the same mistake with his '98 Grand Cherokee. Don't Do It! Get a Subaru. The boxer engine in those things will last just about forever with very few problems. J YSD#0009
  11. That guys and idiot. What kind of hunter lays down a loaded gun? Not to mention pointing the muzzle in your own direction. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. What about the damn safety. Oohh, this kind of idiot pisses me off! J YSD#0009
  12. Ever been to Alaska? I know a bunch of people up there that fall under this description. J YSD#0009
  13. Ehm, well, ah... Now you're just ruining my innocence. Would you like some chocolate with those cherries? innocence running out the door, "SEE YA!!" J YSD#0009
  14. Oh I am so glad my office-mate isn't here today. J YSD#0009