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  1. Hello, I bought a second hand Neptune Wave audible altimeter some time ago. It has 3 alarms in freefall and 3 under canopy. It works perfectly and I wonder if any of you have the original manual or know about a “magic” link in which I can find this info. I’ve searched on the internet and found nothing. Not even in Alti-2 site. I know how to set the alarms, how to choose the alarms groups, etc. No problem with the normal use of the device. My main question is if exists the possibility of completely switching it off (as you can do with the Pro-Track for instance). I’ve noticed the battery run out quite quickly. How could I expand its life?. I’ve considered removing the battery after the last jump of the day, and install it again next day I go to the DZ (I go weekly/fortnightly in summer time and less frequently in the winter). Thanks in advance if you can provide some info about this subject. Regards.
  2. This canopy performs really well, opens smoothly and is easy to pack. I'm a new packer (just have jumped 3 of my own pack jobs) and even when my canopy is not small (170 sq. ft.) I manage quite well to put it in the bag. After 10 or 20 more pack jobs I will be able to be just 5 or 10 minutes slower than the packers at my dropzone :-D. I would like also to say something about the after-sale service at Parachute Systems. I've read some comments here that is not good. I have to say that my experience couldn't have been better. I bought the canopy second hand needing some rigging. I took a couple of pictures of the defects, sent them by email to Parachute Systems (in South Africa), and just the day after I got the reply advising me to send the canopy there to be repaired. That's what I did. The repair was finished soon after it got there and the canopy posted to me well packaged and protected. I was informed of when it arrived, when it was posted... I can't find anything that could have been done better. I would give also a 5 in after-sale service to Parachute Systems.
  3. Eldevor


    I recently adquired a second hand Parachute Systems rig consisting of the Vortex II container and Hurricane main canopy. The rig is 4 years old with nearly 400 jumps and still looks new. It is my very first rig and I read everything I could before testing and purchasing it. I have to say that all the comments in Dropzone helped me a lot. Everything I've read here is completely true. I would stress its excellent quality, comfy fitting and safety. If you are looking for a container, don't hesitate to give a Vortex II a go.