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  1. crage

    I fly tunnel coming to cool springs ? ?

    I've heard the same from 3 different people, two of which are tunnel instructors. Nothing in the local news yet. I work in CS and live just south of there, it would be great, but would love a 14 ft tunnel instead of 12 if that's the rumor.
  2. crage

    Skydive The Farm

    My wife and I came here for a tandem jump last fall, and I knew I wanted to do my AFF here. We just started our license progression, but everyone there was super friendly, helpful, and just seemed to love skydiving and teaching. We were invited out to eat after jumping was over and had a great time hanging out at the DZ with the people there. I can't wait to go back!
  3. Wow, I'm glad I read the rest of this thread before we book our reservations at the Days Inn. Thanks for everyone's help. We found a different place in Cedartown through Hotwire that looks pretty good, and the price was about the same as the Days Inn pricing. I don't know the exact name of it, but the site said it was 3 star. Hope to meet some of you down there soon! ~C
  4. Thanks for the recommendations! We might try the Days Inn and ask about the skydiver rate. We love to camp, but since it's a long drive and we'll be getting in late, we thought it best to check into a motel this time rather than setting up a tent late at night. I'm definitely looking forward to camping at the DZ this summer and fall.
  5. I'm (finally) planning on starting my AFF at The farm in the next few weeks. I don't live in the area, and my wife and I are leaving on friday after work to stay the night in the area so we can get to the FJC first thing Saturday morning. Does anyone have a recommendation on a good motel to stay at close to the DZ? We don't want to spend too much $$$, but don't want to worry about cockroaches in the bed either Would love some input from the locals! Thanks!
  6. crage

    Log Book App

    I have the skydive logbook app for android, and it does have a place for a signature and license number attached to each jump. It also has a countdown feature for repacks and replacing/ maintenance on AADs. I would hope it's accepted considering how detailed you can be for each jump!
  7. crage


    Does anyone know if this tunnel is still operational? This is the most recent post I can find on here about it, and the aac website says currently they are closed for maintainance. my wife and I were hoping to do some training there sometime this year before starting aff. If anyone knows if they're still open that'd be great. I'd really rather go here than pigeon forge.
  8. crage

    GoPro vs. Drift

    Just found the new contour GPS at chutingstar and I think I'm in love. HD video with integrated GPS will show your location and altitude with your video at the same time. Also bluetooth integration so your phone turns into a viewfinder in realtime
  9. crage

    GoPro vs. Drift

    According to the website you mentioned, the HD version of the drift does have a "photoburst" mode, which you can start/stop with the remote too. Looks like the only real issues would be price and file format.
  10. I've done done research, and I'd live to get into a wind tunnel too, but I don't know of any that are close to nashville that are any good. Other than florida, are there any good wind tunnels in the south? I heard they have one in gatlinburg, but it's older and more of a tourist/one time deal rather than a training tool, is that correct? I'll definitely have to check out the farm, thought they were father away than 3 hours. Can't wait to get started!
  11. Hello! I'm a new jumper (3 tandems) and I'm looking to start seriously training later this year. I live in Nashville, and was planning on going to West Tenn Skydiving for my AFF, and then I hear that SDC has an "A license in a week" program, so now I've been thinking about heading up there for a week this summer and getting it all done. Are there any advantages/disadvantages to either of these options? I figure it would end up being about the same price, so cost isn't really an issue (just having the money up front for the license in a week instead of paying as I go) I'd greatly appreciate your thoughts on this, thanks!